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LNP believes that the marginal sites in Kueensland are again in play under Morrison Australia Nevs


As Sco-mobile "Sco-mobile" Scott Morrison's spiritual skyscraper has made its way to the north, it also has the hope of a coalition to retain key electorates.

LNP sources confirm that the prime minister's Morrison elevation only put "Queensland" again, and an early internal poll showed marginal polling points that the government had written off before Malcolm Turnbull assumed office as prime minister.

Morrison's four-day tour of Kueensland, from southeast to Tovnsville, was seen at the start of the pseudo election campaign, the north is crucial for any government that is in power, or "at a minimum, preserving the loss of something potentially overwhelmed in the electoral cycle, not the generation."

With southern states, apart from the fact that Coalition sources have been rejected as a "zero-sum game," a day of voting is in place, the fictitious "Brisbane" line has taken on a new meaning, as Morrison is concentrating on Kueensland and Western Australia as its potential winner keys.

Party sources reported on the "reinvigoration" in Queensland after Morrison's overseas premiere, but no one was willing to go so far as to say it was a game changer.

"We do not know if it's him or just because it's not Malcolm," one source told Guardian of Australia. "But we know people are ready to listen again, and that's more than we could say in June."

The coalition holds 21 out of 30 seats in Kueensland, with a state winning key in 2016. Under Turnbull, the Coalition won 49% of the city's NSV, 46% of Victoria, 36% of South Australia, and nothing in Tasmania.

But in Western Australia, the Liberals demanded 69% of seats, quashed only in Queensland where the LNP won 70%, which gave the government one seat at a time.

The losing Ventvorth election saw Morrison's government lose its majority and now has to manage with the crossbench support.

The work was not shy in announcing its intention to seriously challenge at least twelve sites in the LNP, where the Coalition is officially one party.

Four months ago, party sources recognized that they had at least six of these places, including Davson, Forde, Petrie, Capricornia, Flinn and Dickson, it seemed to be a challenge.

"It will still be difficult, but we will go for a better start of this election campaign under Morrison, at least until now," the other party's source said. "I can tell you, internally, we know Morrison is better for us in those places than Turnbull."

Scott Morrison looks at the Melbourne Cup main event at the Corbould Park on the sunshine on Tuesday

Scott Morrison watches the main race of the Melbourne Cup running on the Corbould Park on the sunshine on Tuesday. Photo: Dan Peled / AAP

This is not a surprise, since Queensland's deputies, led by Peter Dutton, and supported by the party's executive power, were primarily aimed at removing Turnbull from work, a move that turned out to be only half-successful when Morrison pulled out the party numbers room when it became clear Dutton did not have enough support.

Morrison may not be popular in the rest of the country, but in Queensland is considered to be more popular than Turnbull, and for now it is considered sufficient.

But that does not mean that LNP is safe.

Katter's Australian party, which dealt with the issue of Fraser Anning by removing him from the party, hinted that he would seriously play two positions in Kueensland, Leichardt, held by LNP's Varren Entsch and Herbert, Cathy O'Connell.

KAP's preference in these places, along with Clive Palmer's reincarnated political move in the northern Kueensland seat of Herbert, is likely to prove to be crucial.

Preliminary reports from the north indicate that Leichardt is "pretty sure" until Entsch remains a candidate.

"At the moment when Warren goes, this place is going," said the LNP source. "He's the key. The same thing as Bonner [a Brisbane eastern suburbs seat held by the LNP’s Ross Vasta since 2010], where a good local candidate makes all the difference.

"Looking at it at this moment, you could see several three-dimensional competitions in the north, where one of the majors deals with a little fun and, at this stage, I think that no one could say whether it could be Labor or we went to the top. "

Davson, who holds George Christensen, is considered safe as "Georgie really does not give reasons to turn to One Nation, there is not much separation," while Flinn, who holds Ken O'Dowd, is considered a "lineball".

Amazing concern is the internal city seat of Brisbane, which is held by Trevor Evans, where Andrev Bartlett stands as Green's candidate in the electorate who shows strong green tinge. In the last elections, Labor received the smallest primary vote at the headquarters of the federation, as voters turned to smaller parties, which had an increasing influence in the country, and last year elected their first deputy.

But once again, the effect of Polina Hanson evolved, his shadow followed Morrison's government plane and bus, the main highways of the state, while stopping in the central and northern cities that were considered the most advanced for her message.

"And that's what makes it unpredictable," another LNP source said, familiar with the campaign's plans. "Hanson has attracted about 20% of Longman's Voyages while floating off the coast of Ireland, and she does not even have to be there, people just look for her name." So while Morrison is better than Turnbull's foil, who knows what kind of impact she'll end up with have. "

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