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Morning report: Joseph Benavidez asked Henry Cejud to "do the right thing to split" and give up persecution of 135 pounds


Header in the dam against T.J. Dillashav at the UFC Brooklin, Henri Cejudo insisted that the fight was more than a fight, it was saving the entire division from extinction. However, after Dillashav surprised Dillash in 32 seconds, Sejudo immediately proposed to win Dillashawa again for a £ 135 title. For combatants such as Joseph Benavidez, it does not save the male weight division at all. Returns it to the hacking block.

Talking to FloCombat recently, Benavidez advocates Sejudo to keep up his own words and save the "fliveight" division by sticking and defending his belt.

"I do respect, and I never get out of myself as much as I call people," Benavidez said. "I will always be when I call someone. Since then, I do not have to talk to Henry [our fight] and I do not know if people have the idea that I and Henry are enemies. Apparently, when we trained "Ultimate Fighter," many things were said and done, but after that fight, if you're watching this fight, I and Henry are giving each other a part. We do not stop hitting 15 minutes.

"Obviously I followed him so much after that. We will not go to bowling together – we are not friends – but I respect it so much. It's not about me and you, and now you are fighting for the title, but thousands of children dream there of being the world champion of the year, and now we have the chance to keep this division ahead. "

Benavidez and Sejudo once fought in the final tournament The Ultimate Fighter 24 Final, and Benavidez made a split decision. It was the last time that Sejudo lost, and with victory over Dustin Ortiz, Benavidez would probably be next in line for the title, if Sejudo remains in the fever. And although the attraction to become a double champion by simply defeating the man whom you just destroyed for 32 seconds, it's probably very tempting, Benavidez is begging Sejud to do the right by the division. He even goes so far as to cast his shadow on his former coaching partner, Dillashav, saying that if the roles were inverted, he would not give the Sejdu a rematch so that the Sejudo should not be given by T.J. one.

"He talks about tweeting with T.J., but do you think that T.J. would even think of you twice as he tossed you – controversially or not – do you think he even thought twice about giving him a backpack?" Benavidez said. "No. He would go on, he would not think about the division, but he said he would ask for a shot at the title in the pen.

"I would not give you a revenge, I would not give you another chance, he has not respected you before, he behaves as if he is now respecting, but he has already acted the way he did." He would not think about Henry again or give him a revenge. The only reason he's lost is 32 seconds. That would never happen. Continue, do the right thing for the division.

Of course, it's difficult to separate Benavide's own interest in all this. The first-placed candidate for the heaviest weight came as close as possible to winning the title without having done so, losing a divided decision to Demetrious Johnson when they fought for the opening leg. After the losing KO loss for Johnson in the back, Benavidez remained "in conflict" without any other shot on the belt. Since Johnson has now gone from the UFC, Benavidez would obviously have liked one last blow to earn a title that has been so long gone to him, and with the victory over Seoul already under his belt, he obviously feels like the title is there for taking. It all comes down to whether the Sejudo is a human being, Benavidez says

"I gave him 15 minutes of hell and he knows I will come for him," Benavidez said. "This time will be 25 minutes. I do not think he's afraid of me, but he knows that the fight with me is a fight with me and another fight that has nothing to lose because he has already thrown this guy in 32 seconds. If he believes in what he says, that's his chance to do it.

"If he believes it, if you really believe in it and do not just say that, it's the only option that it keeps moving forward." Give me a bullet.

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He said that many years ago and is getting even faster than I thought. Winning titles in multiple divisions are obviously cool, but in 15 years, we will look at these achievements as considerably less impressive than putting extended titles. Many people will end up as champions. No one will challenge a DJ winning streak. And the person who does it will be seen as a bigger fighter than most people with multiple bands on his wall.

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