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Morrison's government is re-appointing members of the AAT of Aboth era

In the meantime, General State Attorney Christian Porter handed over the final audit report to the tribunal at the end of December, initiated by former High Court Judge Ian Callinan.

The review is expected to recommend the simplification of the Tribunal's bureaucracy, which increased from 530 in 2016 to 660 in the previous financial year.

A spokeswoman for the Attorney General's Department confirmed that members whose mandates expired in May and June, were asked to deliver documents in "early January".

"In the end, the proposed candidates, the time and number of appointments recommended by the governor are questions for the government," he said.

These members were appointed by then state prosecutor George Brandis in July 2015 and were mainly chaired by appeals against migration decisions.

The Tribunal was formed that year after the merger of the former Social Security Appellate Court, the Migration Tribunal and the Tribunal for the Refugee Examination.

Although the decision on the reappointment of members will be made after a decision on summaries and statements of private interest is made, the early start of the process has raised intrigue.

Some sources with experience in the tribunal's appointments indicated that the process would normally last for two months, while the work was carefully monitored and probably would object if the members were reappointed near the election date.

Workers, including the state prosecutor in the shadow of Mark Dreifus, closely follow the move.

Workers, including the state prosecutor in the shadow of Mark Dreifus, closely follow the move.Credit:Alek Ellinghausen

The latest Ipsos survey conducted for Herald in December, shows that the government follows the workforce from 46% to 54%.

Minister Spokesperson Greg Hunt, Acting Attorney General while Mr. Porter was in absentia, refused to comment on whether the government had asked for the reappointment process to begin or if a decision was made on whether members would be reappointed. before May.

"The government will consider and announce notifications of appointments to the AAT at the appropriate time, including any re-appointments for existing members whose terms will expire soon, which is part of a standard process that has been in place for many years," he said.

The tribunal was at the center of attention after several controversial decisions, including two armed robberies of American descent, Teak Curran and Levis Burton, who abolished the visa last year, despite the fact that a former prisoner spent 2012 in a series of armed robberies while another was found . I was guilty of using a screwdriver to stab the victim in my chest.

In the second case, the Irish convicted pedophile priest Finian Egan received an appeal against deportation after having made Mr. Dutton's decision in 2016 to deprive him of his Australian citizenship.

However, the data released by the tribunal show very few decisions it makes, only 3.1 percent in the financial year that ended in June last year, to which appeals were filed to the courts.

The tribunal examines appeals for decisions about the National Disability Insurance Program, the issues of wartime affairs and issues related to social security payments.

However, decisions on migration remain the vast majority of complaints that were heard, with only 37,900, last year, 17,900 finalized and another 44,400 remaining.

Kilar Loussikian is a CBD columnist Sydney Morning Herald.

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