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Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman end their bromance feud

With muscles like those, you'd think they'd fight it out offline.

Marvel men Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have put their peace on the favourite internet feud. The ultimate truce maker? An advertising collaboration, of course.

"Official truce with @realhughjackman! As a gesture of goodwill, I'll make a beautiful ad for his company, Laughing Man Coffee. Can not wait! "Reynolds tweeted, along with a photo of him and Jackman holding hands.

Hey, even these superheroes are willing to put their pride away when there is money-making ad opportunity at hand.

The Twitter war between the Wolverine and Deadpool actors have been brewing online since 2017, much to the enjoyment of their respective fanbases. Highlights of the ribbing include Jackman asking viewers to scream at Reynold's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and Reynolds tweeting, "Pretty sure they are protesters," and response to a post of Jackman posing with fans in Beijing.

And then there was that "ugly Christmas sweater" schadenfreude with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Reynolds even acknowledged the bromance-feud with Jackman on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December, when the host asked if he would consider doing a Deadpool movie with Jackman.

"I can not seem to bring him back to the violence and mayhem. I'm trying, "Reynolds says, tongue in cheek, describing their relationship as," not really a rivalry. It's war. "

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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