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Salaries for salary could indicate that Dragons aim at sharks to replace Jack de Belin

The dragons demanded urgent clarity from the NRL about the potential distribution of pay for Jack de Belin before going to the market in search of a possible replacement.

De Belin's suspension left St. George Illavarre is frustrated and trying to replace NSV Origin forward and considering their next move only two weeks after the opening of the 2019 season.

Cronulla and Melbourne rivals will be able to bring potential signers Sam Kasiano and off-contract Sharks into the game, but it seems that the Dragons did not have enough clues as to what form of wage release.

Announcing the new ARL's "no-fault" policy for players facing serious criminal charges, Todd Greenberg and Peter Beattie said clubs could file a claim in the event they were hit outside the court.

For the Dragon they thought that politics was still determined by the board and left them running for an hour if they wanted to replace it.

Saint George Illavarra has yet to indicate whether he will file a claim for compensation but is believed to be able to spend up to $ 400,000 – about two-thirds of Belin's pay for 2019 less than four months already paid.

The sharks are facing their D-Dai in the Central League on Friday, when a NRL profit limit investigation will be issued.

St George Illavarra is one of several clubs that are ready to move if Cronulla is forced to drop the players to become lenient.

While the stars of Shaun Johnson and Josh Dugan are convinced that they will not be expelled, clubs insiders prepare multiple scenarios in anticipation of the NRL penalty.

NRL.com understands that off-contract Sharks was supported by Ava Seumanufagai as one of the players Dragons talked about as a potential target before Belin's indefinite ban.

A complex stroke is six weeks of knee injuries. Seumanufagai suffered last week's trial against Manli, while the 27-year-old preacher also estimated the offer from the English Super League.

Also outside the contract on the Cronulla roster are back-rovers Kurt Capevell and Scott Sorensen, with Dragons who are potentially able to transfer Tison Frizell or Korbin Sims to de Belin's 13th position to host both players at the edge.

Storm regime Sam Casiano said he was free to leave the club if he gets a deal somewhere else like Melbourne seems to alleviate his own problems.

It is understood that Kasian's representatives recently contacted the dragons to discuss a potential move.

On his day, Kasiano was one of the most dynamic fronteras in the game, but the former big bulldog fought to regain his best form during the first season in Melbourne.

Although Canterburi paid a healthy amount of Kasian's salary from 2018, they realized that Melbourne would have to do the same to run it, while several clubs flew at his price.

Considering that I can already boast of one of the strongest packages in the game, Paul McGregor can internally watch to cover Belin's absence and carry out any distribution elsewhere on his list.

The exact way to break the payroll wage remains unclear with the NRL to approve "case-by-case" requirements.

Beattie suggested that one of the elements of the NRL's consideration of the action of the club towards any player who would retreat on behavioral grounds, and the game is still retiring from the year that hit the scandal outside the court.

"There will be no automatic release from the salary in the club," Beattie said.

"But the club can refer to the salary auditor, which will be applied on a case-by-case basis.

"One of the issues that can be considered part of this is what the club did in terms of cultural change.

Storm prop Sam Kasiano.
Storm prop Sam Kasiano.
© Gregg Porteous / NRL Photos

"To make sure it maintains community standards".

Greenberg also said that the club's finances could exclude a waiver request because any player refused to be paid by NRL equipment as is customary until a legal decision takes place.

"We need to consider a few things," Greenberg said.

"We can not simply say" yes "for the release from salary, because honestly speaking, some clubs can not afford it, so there will be some clubs that, if it happens again, will not apply for it.

"We need to take into account several factors on how to apply wage benefits.

"The shortest answer is that we will adversely seek those clubs for those clubs that are looking for it."

Manley could be in the same boat as Dragons waiting for the NRL's decision on Dylan Valker, because he also responds to charges of attacking his partner.

Walker pleaded not guilty to two counts of an assault charge, and one of them caused bodily injury, but could become the first player to use Greenber's discretionary power, which was available to the general manager in situations where maximum imprisonment is less than 11 years.

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