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Sean Price to seek a shorter sentence


A man who brutally killed a school girl in Melbourne Mass Vukotić on a hiking trail near her house four years ago wants to reduce her sentence.

Sean Christian Price is currently serving a 41-year prison sentence for killing 17-year-olds in Doncaster in March 2015 and raping a woman in a Christian bookstore four days later.

Ms. Vukotic was in the evening walk when she was attacked by Price, who was on bail then. He pleaded guilty to the murder of Ms Vukotic and raping a woman the next day, robbing a man of her cell phone and trying to steal BMV.

After being arrested, Price told the police that she had chosen Mrs. Vukotic as her victim because she talked to a bird "like the King of Snow White."

Judge Lek Lasri watched the entire Interview on Price and said it was "cold, pathetic and sad" – he sentenced him to life imprisonment for a period of 38 years without probation in March 2016 due to charges of murder, rape, robbery and an attempt to steal.

However, the 34-year-old Price is now ready to appeal the length of the sentence to the Melbourne Appeal Court tomorrow.

The killer must first request an extension of the appeal deadline and obtain a permit for appeal.

It is understood that judges Simon Vhelan, Stephen McLeish and Terri Forrest will discuss these issues at the same time as they hear the appeal.

During the verdict, Judge Lasri said that Price did not plead guilty to not giving the possibility of a suspended sentence of 70 years.

The judge told the killer that he had committed "horrible crimes" and added that Price was not psychotic or that he was violated at the time of the murder.

"Your act of killing was at the height of brutality," he said.

During a police interview, Price said that he was thinking about killing somebody for days and armed himself with a large knife hidden in a sock.

"I watched, watched and I just thought, f ** k this, this is a moment. This one just ended up like one, I had to kill her, man. "

Mrs. Vukotic listened to music on the headphones when the attack began. They dragged her into the bushes and begged him not to hurt her. Price ignored her and got out 49 times.

"I just started scratching and stabbing, and the king was just stabbing," he told the detectives.

Later he said that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Then he continued with details, telling the police that he wanted someone to be killed because I "hated society".

"I just thought that I would stab and that I would hurt these dogs, so I thought, originally, to look for rich areas. I thought that the rich areas do not care for these queens if they do not happen to them except in their own society."

The price has multiple early convictions for rape, indecent assaults, robbery and violence from 2002.

In interviews with the police, released during the pre-trial hearing in December, Price told the police about the "haste" he got when he attacked women.

"It's the biggest ever ever," he said of the attacks.

"My intentions were evil. Just the fact that you are deviant when you do it, that's what really takes off you. "

Before she was killed, Mrs. Vukotic had dinner with her family and completed her homework, which was her usual pattern.

At 6:30 pm her mother went to pick up her brother from football training and Masa said she was going for a walk. She was told to pick up the keys for the phone and the house, but it was a walk from which she would never return.

One year after being convicted, Price was served an additional three years for violating the supervision order at the time of the murder of Ms. Vukotic.

The price is determined for appeal to both judgments, but not on convictions. There are several grounds for appeal, including that the penalty is obviously excessive.

He could have argued that judges Lasy and Merkel Sekton failed to give sufficient weight to factors, including his mental health or his guilt, when they imposed their sentences.

It is unclear whether Price, who has gained the reputation of bad behavior in the courtroom, will attend.

With Andrew Koubaridis and AAP

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