Thursday , July 7 2022

Studio 10 hosts Sarah Harris and Beau Rian condemn Sam Frost for his stance on the Covid vaccine


Studio 10 hosts Sarah Harris and Beau Ryan criticized Sam Frost, saying that the Home and Away star “frustrates” many with his views on the vaccine.

Studio 10 hosts Sarah Harris and Beau Ryan attacked Sam Frost after her controversial anti-wax video.

Both hosts said that they personally know Frost as a nice person, but that they strongly disagree with her views on the vaccine against Covid.

The actress (32) posted a video on Instagram over the weekend, trying to justify the fact that she was not vaccinated. This led to a widespread reaction that resulted in her account being deleted.

Harris said Frost lived a privileged life during his imprisonment and was still able to go to work and record At home and at home when many others were stuck at home.

“Personally, I like Sam Frost, she’s a really cute girl and I don’t like a bunch of things she drugs, but I think it was pretty wrong for her to post this video when so many people lost their livelihoods, family members,” she said. “I can understand why some people feel frustrated.”

“She is going to film At home and at home on a beautiful beach … and there are people who have been locked up for literally months at the end, ”Harris said.

She also criticized Frost’s claim that there are many reasons not to get vaccinated.

“No, there is one reason,” she said. “Medical exemption.”

Ryan agreed, saying that he sympathizes with Frost’s battle against mental health, but that she is the one who published 500,000 followers.

“You don’t want this [trolling] at any time, but she made a video, “said the former NRL star.

On Sunday night, Channel 7 said that it did not support Frost’s position, but that she was still employed.

“Seven strongly encourage the vaccination of all our people, and all seven productions strictly adhere to the safety protocols for public health Covid-19.

“All At home and at home the actors and crew also undergo Covid-19 testing three times a week, in addition to other preventative measures.

“Frost himself continues to work on At home and at home and follows existing security protocols, ”the statement said.

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