Monday , March 27 2023

The "Bohemian Rhapsody" gives the queen position the highest level since 1980


the Queen& # 39; S Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack album gave the band the highest chart for 38 years by rising to No. 3 on the back Freddie Mercuri success of biopic.

Last week, LP sold 59,000 units, securing the greatest influence of the group since the 1980s A game – Including the hits "Another bite of dust" and "Crazy little thing called love" – ​​spent five weeks at number 1. In addition, their The Greatest Hits II and III: Platinum Collection jumped from number 194 to number 9, marking the first time the queen had two albums in top 10. Their Biggest hits also moved from number 71 to number 48.

Bohemian Rhapsody, Movie, enjoy the open weekend occupied $ 51 million, much more than expected, and then invested $ 31 million in the second weekend. With a total of more than $ 100 million, it is now the third largest musical biopic for music of all time, and has good chance the overtaking of the carrier of a top position Straight Outta Compton, which in the US has taken 161 million dollars in 2015. With $ 285 million has grown worldwide, Bohemian Rhapsody it's already crossed Straight Outta ComptonThe total value of 201 million dollars.

The soundtrack album includes a series of classic songs appearing in the movie, along with the sound from Kueen's triumphant appearance on Live Aid 1985, which has never been released before.

In the meantime, the leading film chain in Malaysia denied it reports that 24 minutes of film were cut out to satisfy the censors of this nation for Merkura's sexuality. In a statement, the GSC said the Malaysian version was only three minutes shorter than the initial 134-minute reduction. "This is between the study and the censorship commission," he stressed. "China can not censor. We just play content."

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