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Verstappen was hurrying for endless rage, novelties and top stories of Formula 1


SAO PAULO • Red Bull Mak Verstappen was ordered to perform a two-day public service due to his violent behavior towards Esteban Ocon after Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix, the FIA ​​announced.

The Dutchman was caught on TV, who pushed the Frenchman three times in the chest and threatened to hit him in the driver's weighing room after the race, during which they collided.

The crash on the Lap 44 race in 71 laps on the well-known curves of Senna S Interlagos cost Verstappen in a race, and had to be placed second in place behind five-time world champion Luis Hamilton from Mercedes.

India's Ocon was given a 10-second penalty.

Both drivers were summoned to the warden, who later announced that they had "acted in an appropriate manner and collaborated" during the hearing.

In a statement, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) said that "Verstappen has to conduct a two-day public service in the direction of the FIA ​​within six months of the incident."

She added that the 21-year-old is investigating "actions harmful to the interests of any competition or motor sport interests in general".

Ocon told Ski Sports after Verstappen was "not professional" and that their rivalry "goes back a few years".


It was not right. We are all passionate about sports, but it would be weird if I shook my hand. I do not care what people say.

MAX VERSTAPPEN, Red Bull driver, is not particularly repentant for his behavior against Force India Esteban Ocon. He pushed the Frenchman three times and threatened to hit him in the driver's car after the race.

"We were in a scalesroom, he wanted to hit me, pushed me and wanted to be violent," says the 22-year-old, who was called Verstappen "crazy" on French television.

"The rules say they are allowed to turn around, so I did it. I'm used to fighting with Mak, it was always the same."

Verstappen later explained that he was "extremely upset with the incident on the track", and his intention was not to hit Ocon, but to "run", which led to his loss.

The 21-year-old also added that he was not sorry for the destruction, which became viral on the social media.

"He came out of the cave and had the right to go, but the level of risk he took was not good," said Verstappen. "We are all passionate about sports, but it would be weird if I shook hands. I do not care what people say."

The conspiracy theory began to swim and after that, the ESPN reports, and Red Bull Advisor Helmut Marko tells the German magazine Motorsport-Magazine that it's "incredible" that the Mercedes driver (Ocon) collapsed in the race leader.

However, the Force India Force chief Otmar Szafnauer rejected the proposal that the long-term deal between OXON and Mercedes played any role in their actions.

He told Ski Sports Television: "He asked us:" Can I remove myself? "He was not sure, and we said:" Yes, continue. "

Hamilton took advantage of the collision and hung himself with worn tires to pick up his ticket – his tenth victory in the year and his 72rd career victory – allowing Mercedes to claim the fifth consecutive title of the constructor.

Kimi Raikkonen finished third in his 150th start for Ferrari while teammate Sebastian Vettel came home sixth.

"I am honored to drive for them (Mercedes) today," said Hamilton, who for the first time won the race in the late season after winning the driver's title.


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