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Vinklevoss Twins: Cripto is at Tipping Point

Gemini Vinklevoss, recently known for early investment in Bitcoin and the launch of Gemini he led the debate at the SKSSV conference. In front of an audience of seven hundred twins, they talked about how regulation could lead to growth, a growing interest in the crypt, how the crypto winter influenced development, and why they believe that interest in the crypt is at the turning point.

How crypto regulations can lead to growth

One of the main points of the twins was that almost all the most successful markets are well regulated. They emphasized that it is difficult to develop the market when accidents such as what happened to KuadrigaCKS occurred, where the CEO died and because he did not share the way to access funds stored in cold notes that the crypto is forever lost.

Though many carriers of the crypto were fascinated by the idea of ​​government regulation, Tiler Vinklevoss quickly pointed to the future of the crypt if properly regulated, "we think it's internet money – we had the first twenty-five years with the Internet and the next Twenty-five Years with the crypt can be even bigger. "

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A growing interest in the crypt

In the Medium magazine, Cameron Vinklevoss pointed out that in 2016, when they attended the SKSSV conference, there were only ten sessions related to crypto and blockchain technology. Three years later, there was a whole block of fifty sessions that could be chosen. This is a huge increase in popularity in just a few years.

Why cryptographic winter has led to increased innovation

As for innovation and increased pace of development, Cameron stressed that "in times like 2017, when mania overshadows discipline, everything looks like a good idea. Today, the quality of projects and entrepreneurs who have implemented them has never been greater. We are all forced to make thoughtful decisions and compromises, which we believe will ultimately lead to better results for our industry as a whole. "

Now that money is scarce, scams and small coins are neglected, and only those who work on truly effective projects are being funded.

The crypt is at Tipping Point

According to Cameron, the engagement of the audience and the number of deliberate questions, "shows that cryptoworks are no longer a marginal technology. The brightest minds in the room rushed into the crypt and want to build on this decentralized, unlawful, open system. "

He said that in the last few years "the crypto market has grown significantly." While this increased interest can be very biased towards technologically advanced, many people believe that more intuitive user interfaces and other simplifications will open the crypto currency. to millions of people.

DIP weighs

Of course, Vinklevoss twins were not the only exhibitors at SKSSV. Valerie Szczepanik of the SEC also assessed the crypto-winter and claimed that as long as good regulations were passed, "I think spring will come."

Between twins Vinklevoss and all other exhibitors SKSSV there was an incredible amount of good news and positive feelings, even in the midst of the long-lasting bear market. Many people have expressed their belief that the future of the crypt is bright and that there is nowhere else than worse. hopefully their predictions are true in the coming months and years We see how this is when the whole world talks about crypto currencies.

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