Monday , March 8 2021

Xbox wireless headphones arrive in Australia in March

Xbox wireless headphones

Following the example of its popular line of Surface Headphones, Microsoft introduced the Xbox wireless headphones.

Given that Microsoft wants to compete with PlayStation’s branded cans, it’s no surprise that these cans are at a mid-premium level. Indeed, with AUD 149.95, they may be a little cheaper than their sleek design might suggest.

Let’s talk about features.

Although the announcement for Xbox Wire and Microsoft’s press release claim that they are “best-in-class audio” and “low-delay sound, lossless sound”, no actual technical specifications or hardware information are included, so they are a little difficult to verify at the moment. Xbox wireless headphones support Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS headphones: X for full surround sound, which is a good start.

Dual beam formatting technology allows you to automatically mute the microphone when you are not speaking, focusing on separating speech from background noise.

The headphones feature fast charging via USB-C. The announcement states that a 30-minute charge will give you four hours of battery life. A three-hour charge will give you a full 15 hours of charging – when the headphones are not in use. It is to be taken that this guy could chew some juice.

Polyurethane leather ear pads and headband. This promotes comfort and even weight distribution, although it means that it will feel a little warmer than cloth cups. Buttons and wheels are designed to fit Xbox Series X | S.

The Xbox wireless headphones will be launched in Australia on March 16 and will be sold at a price of 149.95 USD. The headphones are compatible with the Xbox Series X | With consoles, Xbox One consoles, Windows PCs and Android and iOS devices. Pre-orders open today through the Microsoft Store.

David Smith

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