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20 years in prison for street crime in Vienna – Favoriten

A 33-year-old man who killed his former colleague at Vienna-Favoriten on December 8, 2017 in Vienna-Favoriten, was convicted in the District Court on Wednesday for killing 20 years in prison. The Accused's indictment for the murder from distress was not believed, and the indictment of the jury was unanimous.

The victim – 33-year-old Kosovo Albanian – traveled with her fiancé, with whom he wanted to eat at the Langos stand, when attacked by an accused and previously unexplored accomplice. According to prosecutors, the defendant wanted to revenge a man with whom he had been "in a boiling conflict" for years, as explained by prosecutor Magdalena Zabl.

The two of them worked in the same company at various construction sites. As early as 2008, there were strikes between them, Macedonians were supposed to kick a Kosovo Albanian at the same age in the act of a crime with a sharp object. In 2011, the Macedonian had to leave Austria – his asylum procedure turned out to be negative. After marrying in his homeland, he returned illegally with his wife in 2016 and has since been working on construction sites since then.

In mid-November 2017, he met one morning at the metro station Reumannplatz together with Kosovo Albanians. It was said that he immediately attacked him and punished him with blows and blows. The Macedonian had an open fracture of the nose and bruises and tears on the head. "Only through the intervention of a brave passer-by could it be prevented from being beaten to death," claims Andreas Veinvurm, one of the two lawful representatives of Macedonians.

Humiliated, who were no longer able to work because of injuries sustained by a man, they should have been nursed in later vengeance episodes. "He wanted once to end the conflict forever," the prosecutor said. After finding out the address of his opponent, he clutched him with an accomplice, with two armed knives or claws in the garden. When the Kosovo Albanians and his fiancée headed down the Favoritenstrasse around 22:00 hours, "suddenly two men came to us, one grabbed it for a jacket without a word, and slammed it to the other." I saw him pulling a knife. "said a 46-year-old woman in court. The other perpetrator hit a garden claw in the direction of her fiancé.

The other eyewitnesses, who were aware of what had happened because of the screams for help, saw that the wounded man escaped. The defendant, armed with a 11 cm long knife, ran after him, caught his injured in Landgutgasse and sent him seven more seams, including one in the heart, one in the spleen and one in the liver. The seams were made with extreme force – two penetrated into the upper part of the victim, weapons, which were later secured at the scene of the crime, broke into several parts. The man died two hours later at the hospital.

"I am terribly sorry," the Accused said. He and his legal representatives claimed that they were killed. He did not fall into the ambush of a man, but it happened by chance when he met himself on the bench in front of the church in the evening. Suddenly, from all the people, the man who beat him several weeks earlier and whom the police could not have tried because he was supposedly an unknown resident, passed down the Favoritenstrasse and approached him.

"It caused a sense of anger and panic in it," said lawyer Veinvurm. "I thought I had to stop him," the accused added. He had a Kosovo Albanian, and he missed a stab in the stomach: "I wanted to easily hurt him, so arrest him in the police." When he was about to escape, "he lost control and injured his senses as if he was in the blood attack," Lukas Hrovat, another lawyer for the accused, summed up his emotions.

A few days after the bloody act, a Macedonian moved abroad – allegedly bought a bus ticket to the Balkans before the incriminated event. However, he could be investigated and arrested in Kosovo. The identity of his accomplice did not reveal that a Macedonian was delivered at the request of the judiciary in Vienna. He claimed that he knew about this – supposedly double-meter pole – just a name.

In determining the sentence, the previous inviolability of the Macedonians was considered as mitigating. On the other hand, "the coldest and most cruel way to walk" made it difficult, as presiding judge Nina Steindl said. The victim was unarmed and killed on the street, the judge continued. The verdict is not final, the 33-year-old asked, after a 20-minute meeting with his legal representatives, to think about the time. The prosecutor has not made any statements so far.

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