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Abuse of authority against Secretary General Pilnacek «kleinezeitung.at

Supreme Justice Officer in the country – Christian Pilnacek – allegedly instructed his staff to stop the investigation as soon as possible. With statements such as "Sit and Listen." After the deputy Peter Pilz reported at the press conference about the alleged evidence, Pilnacek Pilz reported the allegations of defamation of Justice Minister Josef Moser at the margins of Notary Karner's events to Kleinen Zeitung: He did not know if it was true that no results report was written , but there was a tape that nobody knew that a diary would be typed.

20:28, May 16, 2019

Christian Pilnacek © APA / HERBERT PFARRHOFER

Investigators of corruption prosecutors, who are not known for their open criticism of the supervisor, have now even reported their chief boss – the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice, Christian PilnacekAll important steps of the domestic judiciary are crossing over his desk, except for the famous attack on the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection and Fight against Terrorism (BAT), about which Pilnacek knew nothing. Now he is in focus – what should he surprise?

As the "Addendum" and "O1" report, Pilnacek was supposed to send his "subordinate" clear words to quickly terminate the Eurofighter investigation. As the detailed protocol shows, Pilnacek said at the session: "I will close an eye and stop things."

"I'll close one eye and stop things."

Christian Pilnacek

Secretary General of Justice Christian Pilnacek opposes the charges against him filed by Peter Pilz against the Eurofighter case against him. Bohmdorfer Schender's law office brought on behalf of Pilnac's statement of facts over libel suspect, a lawyer and former FPO-Justice Minister Dieter Bohmdorfer said on Thursday.

After Thursday, it was announced that the Pilnacek corruption prosecutor and representatives of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Vienna announced the abuse of office, Pilz told a news conference on alleged evidence.

"Daschlogts it"

For economic reasons, you will have to make a cut. More clear: "Sit down and listen, but you could do it three years ago." The word "killed" should mean the termination of open investigations in the case of the Eurofighter. The case that migrated from the Public Prosecutor's Office in Vienna in February 2019 to the Office of the Prosecutor for Economy and Corruption (VKStA). The enlightened team leader was soon postponed.

Pilnacek, the highest boss, is now reported for suspicion of abuse and other criminal offenses. A step that is probably unique to domestic justice. Also responsible since September 2018. Prosecutor, Johann Fock, said he called for a speedy end to the process – despite scarce human resources. This is likely to prevent the taking of new steps in almost eight years of research.

On May 7, 2019, the general prosecutor ordered the public prosecutor's office in Linz to investigate these allegations.

Justice Minister Josef Moser told Kleine Zeitung at the margins of the events of the Corsican notaries, did not know if it was true that the protocol on the result was not written, but it lasted a tape, which nobody knew that a protocol would be typed. He also said: "I am for full transparency, the judiciary must not be stuck." He also said: "If the corruption prosecutor discovered that any investigation was necessary, she could do it myself." And no, he does not retire, Justice Minister Moser said.

Justice Minister Josef Moser (OVP) wants to wait for an appeal against his Secretary General, Pilnac, to be heard once. Prior to that, there will be no statement of suspicion of abuse of office in Causa Eurofighter, his spokeswoman said. The test was entrusted to the public prosecutor's office in Linz, in order to create an illusion of bias.

Comment by Pilnacek

Justice Secretary Kristijan Pilnacek dismissed in an interview with ORF that he had tried to partially reverse the Eurofighter investigation. He also gave "even sparks of political pressure," he said on Thursday in "ZiB 1". He, however, acknowledged the "emotionality" that "must be avoided".

His statement that he would "close his eyes and stop doing things," only concerned parts of the proceedings – namely, forbidden. And the limitation of his reason for the position, said Pilnacek – who also called for an acceleration bid.

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