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Adblocker: Google wants to remove the blocking function from Chrome

Since Google is one of the largest advertisers in the world, Adblock's search for the search is, of course, a thorn aside. Google is now planning to revise the extension system for its Chrome browser and severely restrict Adblocker.

There are currently many small Google Chrome extensions that can effectively block advertising on most sites. However, the company wants to end these programs soon. Already at the beginning of the year, Google announced that it will adapt the existing interface to Chrome Web browser "WebRekuest". With the API, it is possible to block individual content pages before downloading.

As posted by 9to5google, the WebRekuest API should not be abolished. Instead, Google will remove the functionality that is responsible for blocking content from the interface. This is proof that Google wants to end the existence of targeted tools.

The system is based on rules as a substitute

The only option for Adblock programmers is to resort to a rule-based system. However, this is generally less effective because a significant part of the advertising can not be filtered. In this way, users also show up more than one search engine ad group. Some ad blockers, such as "AdBlock Plus", are not affected by changes because they already work with a policy-based system.

In addition, there should be an exception for Google Chrome business users. The appropriate target group will still be able to use the functionality of blocking the WebRekuest API in the future. Until now, no exact date or version number was indicated indicating the changes that came into force.

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