Saturday , June 3 2023

Astroneer: version 1.0 on the lookout


Astroneer, based on a space mailbox, will leave an earlier approach in February next year, says Developer Sistems Era SoftWorks.

Sounds a bit nasty, but Astroneer was one of the games that used the fatal No Man's Ski Launch. In December 2016, Steam launched Earli Access and scored points with a simple yet well-designed low-pole aesthetic. It's been almost two years and on the way to version 1.0, Astroneer has developed greatly.

With initial research, terraforming and survival, the drawing system has now been integrated, mining has been revised, the bases can be built and much more. With the full version added new content. Such an adventure is focused on scouts with narrative elements in the work and Dedicated Server will be an option. This would ensure that players can play continuously without binding to the home team.

Astroneer costs 19.99 € per default. With the departure of Early Access, this price will increase to € 29.99. So, if you are interested in playing, it would be a good time.

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