Sunday , April 2 2023

"Attack on Titan": Details on the release of the third compilation movie disc "Anime2Iou


German publisher KAZE Anime today announced the final release of the third compilation movie for the "Attack on Titan" series. In addition, a German trailer was also released, which you will find below.

It is expected that on February 22, 2019, "The Titan Attack – Anime Movie Part 3: Roar of Avakening" will appear, with German and Japanese voice output as the standard edition on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as the limited edition Steelcase Blu-ray. The standard edition includes a poster as an extra and the Steelcase edition also features a 36-page booklet.

The third film again shows the events of the second season in a focused format. The two previous films that make up the first season are already available on DVD and Blu-ray on KAZE.

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This is about:
Humankind is still dominated by gigantic titans. Bloody battles go to the next round, when titans in the walls suddenly reappear. The situation in Utgard's trap seems hopeless – until another human being becomes Titan. But that's not all: Eren's friends Reiner and Berthold have to make a shocking confession behind the imagination of imagination …

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