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BMV leaves the new M8 (2019) from the leash


Nearly simultaneously with the launch of the 8 Series series, which runs a 530 hp petrol engine (M850i ​​kDrive) and a 320 hp (840d kDrive) diesel, BMV has released new information from the upcoming version. Of course, this is the new M8, which will just reach the final sprint on the road to maturity of production. At the Grand Prix circuit in Estoril in Portugal, M GmbH is currently testing the prototype of its future top model.

BMW M8 Coupe-Erli-960-off3.jpg© BMV Group

Over 600 hp

In the engine, Munich became acquainted with the current M5 Twin Turbo V8. In the business sedan it delivers exactly 600 hp, at the M5 competition the engine is burned as much as 625 hp. And so much performance should be synonymous with the M8. A special indicator still does not exist, but according to BMV, the 4.4-liter eight-cylinder in the top of the coupe version has a maximum output power of over 600 hp. Green consciousness will play a smaller role for customers, but it's good to know that a gasoline particulate filter is standard on board.

BMW M8 Coupe-Erli-960-off.jpg© BMV Group

Four-wheel drive with rear-wheel drive

Impressive power is transmitted to the 8-speed M Steptronic transmission. The drive torque reaches the all-wheel drive MkDrive drive, first introduced in the M5, with rear wheel design. The active difference in the rear axle is completely variable and creates a locking effect between zero and 100 percent. M dynamic mode should also be enabled for controlled drifts. In addition, the DSC mode 2VD can be called for clean drive to rear wheels and driving experience without restrictive control systems when the DSC is disabled. Thanks to this regime, BMV has already set the world record in the M5 power line.

BMW M8 Coupe-Erli-960-off2.jpg© BMV Group

driving dynamics

Since the clean M-model must also be different from civilian variants in terms of driving dynamics, the engineers naturally also borrowed that hand. Thus, the overall structure of the suspension is fundamentally revised. The new look needs to provide greater agility and precision. The electromechanical power steering is also retuned. In addition, the standard braking system should provide an excellent delay. Optional, there will also be a carbon-ceramic brake. Standard 19-inch aluminum wheels and optional 20-inch wheels combine with high-performance mixing tires.

BMW M8 Coupe-Erli-960-off1.jpg© BMV Group


Although the prototypes tested in Estoril are still slightly camouflaged, many M-specific features are already recognized. However, the change was not too big, because even the normal batch of the 8 Series looks very sporty. Among the significant characteristics of the M8 are u.a. increased input air on the front, wider side skirts, filigree mirror enclosures, extended wheel arches and four exhaust pipes installed in the rear front.

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According to the BMV, the new M8 will be available in 2019. Prices are not yet available, but since the M5 competition costs at least 165,800 euros, and the M850i ​​Coupe at least 145,950 euros, it should start with the new M8 right below the 200,000-euro mark. In addition to the coupe, M GmbH is currently developing the M8 convertible and the four-door M8 Gran Coupe.

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