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Borse Ekpress – ROUNDUP / Kreise: Sale of animal health can bring Baier 8 billion euros

Baier Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Group
it may be in the planned sale of its division
Animal health obviously looks forward to great interest.
Sales of the company could reach up to 8 billion
import, as well as news agency Bloomberg on Friday night
people who are familiar with the case are cited.
A series of investment companies such as KKR, Blackstone and Permira
he had as much attention as other pharmaceutical companies.

Selling animal health is one of the most comprehensive
Restructuring that Leverkusen is near the end of last
Year announced. Stand in the window with
Skin Care Brand Coppertone and Scholl's foot brand
Parts of consumer business as well as 60% of shares in
German provider of chemical services Currenta. He wants with conversion
Baier Verner Baumann, CEO of Baiern, is a group capable of the future.
This includes a significant number of jobs, almost 10 percent
Jobs should become victims.

Last year, the Department of Animal Health brought one to one
Sales of around 1.5 billion and earnings before interest,
Taxes and Depreciation (Ebitda) as well as before special items
358 million euros. For comparison: the whole Baier group
realized revenues of 39.6 billion euros and operational
The result is 9.5 billion euros.

The sale of this area should be in line with Bloomberg
A space of 8 billion euros would be estimated
many analysts have probably exceeded. They had a lot of eyes recently
6.5 to 7.5 billion euros in the account. Baier can send money
about 63 billion dollars (55 billion euros) expensive shopping
The American seed company Monsanto is good. But that too
According to analysts, the pharmaceutical business must be further strengthened

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