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Borse Ekpress – Vivos extension front camera revolutionary new design


SHENZHEN, China, December 6, 2011 / PRNewsvire / – For Vivo, 2018 was a very successful year with many real innovations. The company recently released a video that represents its leading innovative solution: expandable front camera.

So far, smartphone manufacturers have tried to maximize the size of the screen with thin edges and collecting commas, but it seems that the notch has stopped. On the other hand, Vivo experimented with new ideas and wanted to develop a display without limits for consumers.

After years of research and numerous design tests, Vivo introduced the APEKS (TM) FullViev (TM) concept smartphone with a unique front camera on MVC 2018. Vivo was challenged to turn this concept into reality.

Just four months after the premiere at the MVC, Vivo fulfilled its promise and presented the first NEX, a smart, smart, borderless product with an extended front camera. When recording a self-portrait, the small camera turns off and automatically returns when the user exits the selfie mode. An unlimited smartphone is no longer a vision of the future.

Vivo thoroughly shook the smartphone industry by removing Notch in this revolutionary world. In 2019, Vivo plans to further enhance the innovative technology of the front camera that retracts.

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