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Brigitte Bierlein, President of the VfGH, becomes Chancellor of

Brigitte Bierlein becomes the first federal chancellor of Austria. "Štampa" learned this on Thursday afternoon. Federal President Alecander Van der Bellen will direct them to form a transitional government until early elections for the National Council in September. Bierlein is the President of the Constitutional Court.

However, it would be retiring at the end of the year: the Vienna people will reach the age limit for VfGH on June 25th. Previously, Bierlein was a general attorney at the General Prosecutor's Office of the Supreme Court from 1990 to 2003, and Vice-President of the Constitutional Court from 2003 to 2018, before reaching the summit. Bierlein, although partial, stands right from the center.

Party leaders were summoned to the federal president Van der Bellen in Hofburg on Thursday morning to discuss the names of the interim government. The head of the FPO, Norbert Hofer, reported on Thursday after the conversation: "He accepted the name." Shortly thereafter, but this has already leaked.

At 3 pm, President Van der Bellen issued a statement. Names for ministerial posts should already be known.

Name in spite of silence

Before Hofer, the federal president also held one-to-one talks with former Chancellor Sebastian Curz (OVP) and SPO leader Pamela Randy-Wagner.

Not only Hofer, but Kurz and Randy-Wagner were not appointed after the talks in the presidential office. It was agreed to keep silent, he said in a row. Randy-Wagner spoke earlier about continuing constructive conversations with Van der Bellen. "My feeling: we are in the house." & # 39;

Hofer spoke about the "federal chancellor", which will soon be presented, but not yet another cabinet. This will be bound later. According to Hofer's interpretation, the new head of government should already have the right to make a statement.

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