Thursday , February 9 2023

Burgtheater: All investigations against Hartmann


Since 2014, the Prosecutor's Office for Economics and Corruption (VKStA) has been appointed against former Burgtheater director Matthias Hartmann and former commercial director Silvia Stantejsky, among other things, because of suspicion of being unbelievable and counterfeiting of the balance sheet.

Now VKSTA has completed the investigation and reached the following conclusion: Silvia Stantheski, who has been active for more than 35 years in the house at Ring, and who is always called "good soul", will be charged with malfunctioning and accounting fraud. In the worst case, it has to wait for a sentence of up to ten years, because the allegedly surprised amount exceeds the amount of 300,000 euros.

Matthias Hartmann, however, will not be charged. His behavior does not evaluate the VKStA as a criminal matter. The prosecution of the former chairman of the supervisory board of George Springer, the prosecution has already been completed a few months ago.
That's why Springer and Hartmann saved pressure to squeeze out until. However, there will be several stays in the Straflandesgericht in Vienna, after all, both will be interviewed as witnesses in the Stanthesky case.

What's next?

This concludes a criminal chapter for Hartmann. For this reason, mutual civil claims (Hartmann v. Burgtheater and vice versa) are still out of the table.

Reminder: After release into the public, Hartmann sued a lawsuit in the labor and social court because he believes that termination of employment is illegal. He asked Bundestheater-Holding, the owner of Burgtheater, to pay him the termination fee and open fees. After all, his contract would end by the end of 2019.

By contrast, the castle filed a claim for damages in the liability insurance of Hartmann. This insurance is provided for every body of the castle and holding company. It must pay legal costs, but also all claims for damages to insured persons, but only if they have not acted with a specific intention. Now that with the office and seal it is clear that Hartmann does not act deliberately, the castle must agree with his insurance. So, the chances are much higher that these complaints will soon end.

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