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Difficult conditions for the disco problem: "Feeling" must be locked in 2 hours


Difficult conditions for the disco problem: "Feeling" must be locked in 2 hours

Wales. City police documented 75 criminal reports. Locally as a security risk.

Solid substrates for the disco problem:

Manager Aladin C. Image: (city of Wales)

With harsh consequences, city councils and city police react to recent incidents in the Wels discotheque "Feeling" in the Pernau district. The operator intends to file an objection against the most serious measures that have now been decided, which is to offer the police time from 5.30am to 2.pm. At the round table yesterday, representatives of the city, security authorities and night club director appeared, Aladin C.

In 2017 and 2018, city police documented 75 pertinently relevant incidents in and before the "Feeling". The most common offenses include personal injuries, rape, theft, dangerous threats, drug abuse and sexual harassment.

Deputy Mayor Gerhard Kroiß (FP) and city councilor Peter Lehner (VP) see this accumulation as an acute threat to public safety. In addition to the advancement of police hours, reinforced police controls are announced at the entrance and exit routes. The third point in the package of measures that was compiled yesterday is the perspective of unannounced factory inspections.

Operations Manager "Feeling" Aladin C. he agreed to reinforce the security staff and extend control to the parking lot. He also promised to modernize and expand video surveillance. Against the departure of the police at 2 o'clock, the manager made economic remarks. If the local owner of the item is expected, the decision will be sent to the city council. "I consider it a refusal of an objection," says Croiss.

"Security in this case tends to be much more difficult than economic interests," Lehner added in the opinion of his coalition partner.

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