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Elfi, Elfriede – and president of

Rabah! So the baby screamed in comics. Rabah! Hand and golden baby with Trump-head, from Saturday evening to Landestheater Lower Austria in St. Nikolaus Habjan has set up "Am Konigsveg" Elfriede Jelinek. The baby advocates for a ruthless, constantly cautious, irreversible monster.

These are the babies. Only they look so sweet and they love their parents, who overlook everything. For such an American president, such a child's scheme seems embarrassing. You see, Elfriede Jelinek thought a lot about her latest political Farce, also psychological. Habjan painted the picture clearly and obviously, but she misses Jeline's humor.

In return, the winner of the Nobel Prize speaks of parts of her text beyond the line, because Habjan little gained friends with her, which is not so easy with the writer who was ashamed. When Jelinek recites her thoughts, it's touching, she's afraid of age, "I'm going to the 80s," says the 72-year-old who suffered severe mental crises.

For example, anyone who listens to them can imagine a high pianist sitting sincerely at Musikverein at Bosendorfer's piano. Here you can hear the cultured voice of the Vienna lady (© Roland Koberg), who recalls chamber music from the word. Jelinek conjures up little Elfi, who has always felt deprived and impaired, the heir to a monastic school that sends girls to the permanent path of sinners. But the great Elfriedi also says that it deconstructs the world of men and reveals its mechanisms.

Jelinek dolls are the biggest thing in this show. One of the masks, the psychic, at the beginning, both eyes are laced, glare. At the end are three Jelinek puppets on stage, one young, one middle and one old. Miss Piggy has something from Jelinek, which used the form of "Muppet Shova" to formulate her anger to move right into politics.

The audience was delighted

Resignation resonates with this anger. It seems that Jelinek's texts have finally been transferred to a theater of paintings. In the past, there were sometimes strict words of opera. Today it is illustrated, illustrated.

The pieces get something like a carnival. After all, Habjan is the master of his craft, for he has transformed Jelinek's art into the Grand Guignol game, which sometimes takes away breath. And more than the puppet theater, which is offered here. The text is perfectly trained. Tilman Rose adopted the idiom of the US president. Although this English and Rose speak German, Trump sees with his swollen voice in front of him. But you often see it. The character should deal with Shakespearean kings, one read in the program, but this kink looks too stupid. In this picture, there are actually two, there are too many intentions: Look, what a bad man! True Trump has charisma, but he does not work on intellectuals. Overall: Landestheater shows this flag of the Austrian premiere. Marie Rotzer's intent was daunting. The crowd applauded.

("Die Presse", printed edition, 03/18/2019)

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