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Football: Hinteregger and Lazaro in their clubs as "durable racers"


Vienna (APA) – Valentino Lazaro and Martin Hinteregger should not fail at the upcoming league matches of the League due to lack of matches. Two Austrian national football players arrived in Belfast on Sunday in Vienna and Northern Ireland at all competitions of their clubs at a full distance to use.

A professional Hinteregger in Augsburg sees this as a great honor. "I know that the coach believes me, but I play well and I do my stuff," he said in Vienna on Monday. Carantan never had to worry about a regular place in his career. Even before his time in Augsburg, he was not necessary to start at Red Bull Salzburg – as he had been in the OFB team for years.

It was only in the spring of 2016 that Monchengladbach Hinteregger had to fight for his place in the team, since then there has been no trembling in the line announcement. "But at some point, if I make the next step, the shaking will return," said the 26-year-old in connection with a possible shift in the distant future.

At the moment FC FC Augsburg is concentrated, with Hinteregger in tenth place in the German Bundesliga. Leadership at the point of failure is four, the void for the first European Cup puts six points. "We are currently looking at 70 percent back and 30 percent ahead," Hinteregger said. "The goal is still a league, but the players naturally want more."

The German legionary also wants success with the national team, in which he gets a new defense player following the failure of Sebastian Prodla for the injury. This Hinteregger himself plays the role of the Watford legionary in the center of the three-way chain is unlikely. "It would be extremely new for me and a big change. In the middle, the angle changes completely, I really do not know what I have to do there."

No matter which position and whether the main three or surgeons will be the main goal of preventing Edin Jack from being shot. "If there is a shot in the penalty area, this is probably the goal, therefore, at best, it should not get that ball." The Roma golgeter plays "years at the world class level," keeping him "a mammoth task".

The defensive alliance against Jekyll may also belong to Lazarus, which last established as a right-handed hit in the Herti BSC. At 0-1 in Bosnia two months ago, the former Salzburg-professional, however, was on the right-hand side in use. "In this match we have not shown what we can do. We had too many unnecessary ball losses," Styer recalled.

His flight in 95th minute in Zenica prevented 0-2 and in that way increased the chance that he still converted a direct match with the Bosniaks. Now, Lazaro faces a complicated starting point of the question of how to behave a few minutes from a lead time of 1-0. "It depends on how it goes. If you start 85 minutes and your opponent does not have a chance, you can safely go to 2: 0. If only the opponent starts after 65, 70 minutes, it does not make sense to play Halligalli."

With the exception of three international figures in May and June, when he had to cancel the injury, Lazaro was in all international competitions under the command of the Franko Foda team in use. In Hrta, too, the 22-year-old is part of the main inventory. In the end, he was in the field on all 13 Hertha competitions this season from the first to the last minute.

After a good start, he set up eight of the last recoveries made in Berlin, as five rounds are one without a win. "We said flights, we are still Herta, there will be another way. But the season is still long," Lazaro said.

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