Friday , September 20 2019
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FPO shows Green Mair!

The "Jesus-Sager" leader of the Tirol's club Gebhard Maira has a legal extension. The FPO politician and the Innsbruck City Council Rudy Federspiel have now filed a lawsuit against the prosecutor of Innsbruck, reports Kronen Zeitung in their Tyrolean Sunday issue. He sees a doubt about the degradation of religious teachings.

During a hearing on Good Friday, Mair caused an alert when he published "On Friday, Good Friday, at 3:00 pm, Jesus died with laughter." Der Klubobmann then apologized for what the FPO was too small to do. Party President Markus Abverzger immediately sought a criminal investigation, and Federspiel later announced to Tiroler Tageszeitung several days later that he wanted to sue Green Party politicians for violating Article 188 of the Criminal Code, reducing religious learning.

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