Saturday , April 1 2023

Gigantic balls in Karlskirche


Two large spheres, one with seven, the other with a diameter of more than ten meters, is currently hanging out as an art installation "Aerocene" in Karlskirche. They are an introduction to a range of artistic interventions.

Artistic installation Tomas Saracen opens up new perspectives in many ways. "It's about new ideas," said an Argentine artist at the presentation. It appears that the bullets are floating on the heights of the central church of the church. Half transparent and one covered with a reflexive surface, the observer can not only look at himself, but, without the need to walk long distances, can penetrate all kinds of corners of the church. The fortifications are barely noticeable, which underlines the insignificant character of the objects.

Start for an art series

Aerocene is the first project of the Karlskirche Contemporari Arts series, commissioned by the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Church. Curator Moritz Stipsicz was thrilled that he "opened this project that we have been working on for so long." Saraceno's work can now be seen for a year, after which further installations will continue at regular intervals.

"In this dimension, there are several projects in the European church," Štipšić pointed out, linking the religious place and contemporary art. Saraceno brings – as in his solo exhibition in 2015 in Belvedere 21 – another aspect in the discussion: a scientific perspective. In any case, the issues of transport, pollution and public participation are important to him. "How can we create corridors that do not have fossil fuels?" He asked.

Science in the church

Had his artistic-scientific approach now in the church, he found it quite flexible. "We all work together, although we come from different communities, ideas and beliefs can be different." In any case, he responded perfectly to the existing space, Stipsicz praised the artist. "It is very important here to be able to think about architecture and solve this book." The visitor's view is now going up, not only because of the already powerful and impressively designed dome of the Karlskirche.


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