Tuesday , May 30 2023

IKEA receives the EKAMOB Award for Student Mobility


Vienna (A) Belfast, Manchester, London, Dublin, Bristol, Leeds, Southampton, Manhajm, Berlin or Hamburg: 32 IKEA students had the opportunity to finish internship abroad in one of these cities in the last five years and enrich their education with this important experience, The quality of this measure, IKEA Austria has even received an award from Minister of Economic Affairs Margarete Schrambock.

Claudia Anderl-Schmidt, IKEA Austria Competence Development Manager and Francesco Zizi, IKEA Vienna Vienna Student Representative, received the EKAMOB Award yesterday, Tuesday night: "High quality internship abroad for the best student is an integral part of the training for many years. Motivation and as A way of learning new things A well-prepared stay abroad, on the one hand, sharply shatters young people and strengthens their intercultural competencies. On the other hand, as an employer, we also use the impressions and experiences that apprentices return to power the equipment, "says Claudia Schmidt-Anderl.

Comprehensive training
IKEA trains students in different fields of interest. The focus is on retail, with a focus on consulting and logistics. In addition, the system also includes catering, and sometimes electrical engineering or IT technicians and media designers. Every IKEA student thoroughly introduces the whole company – above all, of course, to the whole furniture store with all its areas. In addition to their training center, all students are introduced to other furniture stores in Austria, as well as higher-level departments in the "Service for Services" IKEA Austria, the company's headquarters.

In the third year of internships, the best students also have the opportunity to take part in international internships – provided they are carried out in an appropriate manner and in consultation with the furniture store. IKEA offers even English language courses for interns in preparation for internship abroad.

Mobility Service Center
The EKAMOB Award is a quality label that focuses on the organization and preparation of internships abroad and the monitoring of students at a foreign location. The prize is awarded by EuroApprenticeship Netvork and its Austrian representative IFA (International Exchange of Experts). IFA was established in 1995 as a service center for the promotion of mobility of professionals. Its members are all chambers of commerce in Austria, the Federation of Industrialists, the Young Economy and the Young Industry.

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