Wednesday , March 22 2023

iPad Pro 2018 and Apple Pencil 2: the first look inside


IPad Pro fixes are inconvenient: the hard-layer screen on the tablet can be detached from the cabinet slowly and with great care, as iFikit demonstrates when disassembling a new iPad of 11 ", but there are no cables for the display inside, so they do not should accidentally be damaged when opening, register repair service.

Replacing the screen allows access to the motherboard and batteries: the battery is now re-fixed with a repainable magnifying glass, explains the repair page. But Apple also uses glue to secure the battery in the enclosure – making battery changes much harder. Also, the motherboard is still jammed. Unlike the Lightning port, the new USB-C port iPad iPad 2018 is "completely modular" to disassemble and can be replaced independently of the motherboard in the event of a defect.

When cutting the second generation of Apple Pencil, iFikit has discovered a capacitive sensor that is wrapped around the inside of the pen. This could provide support for other gestures, as the exact point of contact should be revealed. At present, the new pen responds only to a double touch, for example, to change the tool used in the imaging application – or to display a palette.

Adhesive tapes indicate easy removal of the battery – but it is additionally glued.

(Photo: iFikit)

On the home repair scale, iFikit gives the new iPad Pro 3 a possible 10 points, which is one point more than the previous model – the higher the value, the easier it will be to repair. Although Apple continues to rely on a massive amount of glue to secure all components in the iPad case, but the manufacturer appears in all three new products – iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini 2018 – to pay attention to some better repairs, so iFikit .


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