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Kickl against lander interference in the humanitarian law of residence "DiePresse.com


Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPO) has demanded from two state administrators Markus Vallner (OVP, Vorarlberg) and Peter Kaiser (SPO, Carinthia) to vote for countries and municipalities in the decision on the right to live. The current system provides a comprehensive explanation of whether a person gets this right of residence, said Kickl "Vorarlberger Nachrichten".

A decision-making delegation would be "a step backwards to the uneven decision-making practice," the Interior Minister said Tuesday. For all checks there are the highest courts.

Vorarlberg's foreword is foreseen for discussion

Valner deposited his suit at the beginning of November following his deportation in Sulzberg (Bregenzervald), in which the three-year-old was separated from his pregnant mother, who was struck by stress and hospitalized. The ability to exert influence that existed before 2014 was good, says Vorarlberger Landeschef. This would prevent such a case in Sulzberg. Valner's request was soon followed by Governor Carinthia and Cardinal Christoph Schonborn.

The federal government has already ruled out the exceptions in September when it disbanded asylum seekers who were pupils when they were deported. OVP and FPO pointed the ball to the administrative judges. They have the authority to approve the humanitarian right of residence.

Vallner: "incomprehensible"

For Vallner, the debate is not over. "Much better coordination between federal and state" is needed "in any sense," Governor Wararlberg said on Tuesday. Kickle's attitude was called "incomprehensible". "From the point of view of the country, a realistic offer has been formulated, and we have said that we are ready to take on a task that was not so simple – it is the state of the right to stay in the country," Vallner said. For a complete transfer only within the jurisdiction of the country, he never talked about indirect federal jurisdiction, as it existed until 2014, but already.

For Vallner, the above-mentioned case is an indication that "it is difficult to get away a few hundred kilometers to properly decide how to proceed with deportation", meaning "significantly more humane," criticized the head of state. In contact with other provincial governors, he would in any case deal with the problem. However, he did not know to what extent other countries would be willing to take responsibility in this case. After all, countries agreed to change.

OVP: "Do not give up local expertise"

The criticism of the Kickls cancel came Tuesday from Vorarlberg OVP. Roland Fruhstuck, chairman of the state parliament's parliament, called for "not giving up on valuable local expertise". People on the ground would be best able to evaluate efforts to integrate asylum seekers, says Breakfast. In addition, the head of the OVP club Kickl urged "to quickly implement measures that significantly reduce the duration of asylum procedures". The Minister of the Interior could not seriously claim that the current system provides a quick and comprehensive explanation as to whether someone should be entitled to stay or not.


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