Tuesday , September 27 2022

netID: The European Reporting Standard has started with 60 partner sites


The NetID access system started on Thursday with 60 partner websites. On sites like Merkur.de, Sat1.de or Kabeleins.de, as well as the online fashion salon Calida, users can register in the future with the same account that is once opened. The netID login key is highlighted on green websites.

About 35 million Internet users could register with their existing Web.de, GMKS and 7Pass accounts, according to NetID. But you can also register with any e-mail address on partner sites or directly to netid.de. In the second case, you receive an account that, according to net providers, decides randomly, either from ProSiebenSat.1, RTL or United Internet.

Three companies – United Internet include Web.de and GMKS – are the driving forces behind NetID, but for some time they are working on the system. German competitor is a Verimi service, with partners such as Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Volkswagen, Lufthansa and media company Akel Springer.

What you should know before entering new data

If you sign up for an online offer through NetID, you will first see which of your data will be made available to the provider after login via netID. However, if necessary, additional information, such as address or date of birth, will be requested. They then appear in the root profile of netID.

We created a netID account via netID.de as a test, basically only need e-mail address and password. However, if we wanted to use an account in Calida's fashion store, we had to enter the address and name. Since then, these data have appeared in the so-called "NetID Privacy Center" of the original account – even after we once again terminated the netID connection for the fashion event.

In the test, then it was no longer possible to completely remove information about our name – but we could change it as you wish. However, street, house number and site information can be deleted in the "Privacy Center".

Competition for US services

Sven Bornemann, director of the European NetID Foundation, says he wants to quickly expand NetID's offer together with other system partners. According to NetID website, "Zalando soon, Otto Group, C & A and dpd will expand the offer. The SPIEGEL publisher and other media outlets such as Suddeutsche Zeitung also want to work with NetID in the future.

NetID sees itself as a competitor to American platforms. For example, Facebook, Google and Twitter have long been offering their users the ability to sign up for different pages with relevant account information.

However, in terms of additional security features, NetID has lagged behind, for example, behind Google's service. Since Thursday, NetID has no ability to further protect its application through dual authentication. This means: If someone uses his own password, he can log in on behalf of the user on all pages connected to the netID account.

Google, on the other hand, can be set up so that it does not only require a password when receiving third-party sites, but also for the code received through a mobile phone.

Dual authentication is so simple

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