Tuesday , September 27 2022

Next demo of Vienna Vienna


Thousands of demonstrators were once again expected to demonstrate against the government this Thursday. A demo train, expected to be 5,000 people, started at 5:30 pm from Roßauer Lande at Turkenstraße, Horlgasse, Vahringer Straße, Schottengasse and a ring and marched to the parliament to set a mark against a turquoise-blue government.

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A memorial march to the November pogroms

In addition, the commemorative march for November's pogroms began at 19:00 on Heroes Square. More lights of "The Light of Hope", organized by the youth organization of the Jewish Community, were followed by numerous demonstrators Thursday. Thousands of people went through the city of Vienna. The closure should be held at Judenplatz.

congestion chaos

OAMTC announced significant delays in preparation for Spittelauer and Roßauer Lande, Vahringer Straße from Schvarzspanierstraße, Obere Donaustraße, Universitatsstraße, Ring with Schvarzenbergplatz and numerous access roads to the city center – experts were right.

In the direction of the Schottenring ring between Julius-Raab-Platz and Operngasse, nothing is lower. Patients needed patience on a two-way line to Karlsplatz between Neustiftgasse and Linke Vienzeile. And also on Rennweg in the direction of the center between Adolf-Blamauer-Gasse and Schvarzenbergplatz, there was a great loss of time.

Public transportation is also disturbed

Line 1 was redirected between the Stock Exchange and Karlsplatz via Quay and Lothringer Roads. Line 2 is routed in both directions between Ring, Volkstheater and City Hall on the Reichsratsstraße. The D line is diverted in both directions between the stock exchange and the Schwarzenbergplatz over the quay. With line 71, the drive to the Stock Exchange is only possible for Schvarzenbergplatz. Viener Linien advises passengers to avoid metro lines.

In the Heldenplatz area, it was not possible to run lines 1A, 2A, 3A. Again, you should avoid the subway. This error will last until the end of the operation.

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