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Quiet through Vienna "


He earns, whistles, stares. The children scream, the parents shout back and between them, passengers in the metro express their dissatisfaction. In the meantime, Testerin is seated and closes. With wireless Sonic headphones with sound name VH-1000KSM3. Whether in the subway, on an airplane or in an open plan office. Headphones over the head slow down the sounds, as well as the thunder of a neighbor sitting in the office, and even staccato-like typing is pleasantly muted. But it has its price. The Japanese demand 380 euros for headphones presented in Berlin.

In addition to suppressing noise, the handsets available in two different colors have a long lasting battery. Sonny promises up to 30 hours, the test can achieve almost 28 hours of uninterrupted Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to Kuick Charge, ten minutes in a socket (via USB-type C) give you almost five hours of endurance.

Forest noise sends out loud colleagues in nirvana

Aleka and Google Assistant are also on board. There were no scenarios in which the smart assistant would be helpful. For cyclists who must spontaneously change the navigation or call someone, a smart assistant can be helpful.

(c) Soni

It is said that the new processor in the headphones improves the active noise cancellation compared to its predecessors. We can not say anything about the predecessors, but the third version of Sony's handsets allows even without music, the environment only affects the inner ear. In combination with soft music, colleagues in the office disappear in acoustic nirvana.

In order to achieve optimum, personalized noise suppression can be done through the Sonas application "Headsets". As soon as the pressure of the air or the hair changes, you should update the settings. Two microphones in the speakers scan the environment and eliminate disturbing sounds with antisuma.

An example of a delivery application, but …

Only 255 grams of headphones are comfortable to carry. They are not as tough as those Bovers & Vilkins headsets. Sonny did not comfortably save on the ear cushions. Even on a long-haul flight, the headphones did not become unpleasant and were not pressed into a typical sleeping position. The side panel connector and attached cable can also be used without any problems. Sony also offers an adapter for dual connectors of older aircraft.

(c) Soni

If there are no two small reviews, Sonic headphones would be perfect. With the test model, but also with some customers, there is a reverberation when talking. You hear it twice. Sonny is currently working on it. The update should fix the problem. And then control the touch pad. This is not intuitive and it seems very delayed.

Sonny should have more experience here. Disadvantages are shameful, especially if you look at the price. Almost 400 euros do not allow such shortcomings.

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