Saturday , June 3 2023

Richard Lugner resumed his stomach – People Today


The "goldfish" Andrea Baumeister, Richard Lugner has said for a while – good, the Bambi, Beetle and Co. zoos accompanied the events but the lady of the heart was not there.

But now, he'd have to look at a young lady again. "Now I travel to Moni several times," explains the mortar. The young lady, however, was only 31 and it was a problem for her now.

"It's been around for 55 years – it's almost a lifetime!" "Because Lugner probably learned something from his past relationships in women much younger.

Nevertheless, she loves to spend "Moni": "fit well in my zoo!" But Lugner did not want to reveal any more – no matter what name he should bear for the new creature.

In addition, a second, somewhat older lady who is still in the Lugner race.

"It's 48. That would be a little better for me," said the 86-year-old. But here he is keeping up with the information about the new flame.

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