Saturday , March 6 2021

Super smash. Bros. Ultimate: Pira enters the arena

As part of Nintendo Direct from 17.2. it was announced that in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pira will be available in the future. The lady known from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will strengthen the fighters in the arena from March. You will find out exactly how the whole thing will work out from us in the next article.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The puree comes in a double package

March 2021. This is known from Direct as far as the integration of Piraeus into Super Smash Bros. is concerned. Ultimate. Nor do we know in what form the girl is integrated into the fighting game: as part of the Fighter Pass or separately. We will definitely get this information in time for the big performance in Smash.

It looks different with the game. Since the link below is linked, we can already see what moves Pira will prepare for his opponents. And of course, the blonde girl next to her catches the eye. Fans of Xenoblade Chronicles already know that Pira can be transformed into his alter ego Mithra at will. It’s great that this other side of the Pira medal came into play – even including its own set of movements.

Xenoblade Chronicles at Beyond Pickels

With Pira and Mithra, after Shulk, 2 more characters come out Xenoblade-Franchise in the ring. The series of games designed by Monolith Soft also contains many other interesting figures that would surely deserve a place in the rankings.

We could already see this for ourselves, after all, in Beyond Pickels we could already play two titles in detail in the main series. Here are two tests here as well Definitely an edition of Xenoblade Chronicles and from Xenoblad Chronicles 2.

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