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That's why Gisele left Bundchen as an angel


Victoria's Secret

12 years after she left her wings, she reveals the real reason.

From 1999 to 2006 Gisele Bundchen belonged to the Victoria's Secret Team's Victoria's Secret Team. Her sudden departure at that time became the title. In her new book, "Lessons," she describes the reasons for her dismissal: "For the first five years, I was confident enough to have a model in the underwear, but over time, I became more and more insecure, and I did not like a runway on a bikini or walking down the wire and photographing." , she asked stylists for flights and other costumes: "Give me a tail, patch, wings – please, something that covers me a little."

Model Angel: Gisele Bundchen works for 7 years for Victoria's Secret

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Lot decided on her future career

The final decision to hang wings, and then leave them fateful. She wrote "yes" and "no" in two jobs and followed the lead: "I collapsed two pieces of paper and threw them into an empty teacup." I closed my eyes and decided: No matter which paper I pulled out, it would be the right decision for me. "And destiny wanted to give up," No "was the answer I wanted to hear subconsciously, which my body wanted to hear and which lied to me for days."

From an economic point of view, the decision is associated with huge financial losses. Victoria's Secret paid her about 80 percent of her income at the time. "I was very grateful for the opportunities and financial security offered by the company, but I was at another point in my life and I was not sure if I wanted to continue working there." Despite being an underwear lady, Gisele Bundchen was the world's highest paid model for another 10 years. Only in 2016, she destroyed Kendall Jenner.

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