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The 60-year-olds spent the night outside at an altitude of over 2,000 meters «


The 60-year-old got lost while walking from Stouhutte to a high chair. She made an emergency call, but announced that she wanted to spend the night there, because an emergency rescue is not necessary.

14.33 pm, 16 October 2021


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View of the top of Hochstuhl at 2237 meters above sea level © Kanatschnig

I wanted one on Friday A 60-year-old woman from the district of Villach from the Stouhutte car park above Barensattel, Municipality of Feistritz / Ros., District Klagenfurt, walking on high chairs.

Since the road was too difficult for her, she walked on Barentaler Kotschna, but lost in return, exhausted also due to weather conditions of orientation. At around 8 pm, she made an emergency call, stated that she was not injured and stated that an emergency rescue was not necessary and that she wanted to wait until the next day to be rescued.

The woman spent the night outdoors and made another emergency call on Saturday morning. Ten members of the Ferlach Mountain Rescue Service and a police helicopter they finally managed to find the woman around 10 p.m. A well-equipped, 60-year-old man was taken by a police helicopter to a stop along the way, then carelessly dropped into the valley.

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