Monday , March 8 2021

The first suspected case of a mutation in Brazil in Austria + 1,727 new infections

  • Today, 11:27

    FPO wants tourism “protective umbrella”

    The FPO now wants to join the domestic economy in parliament. “We want some kind of protective screen against the sale of tourism,” club president Herbert Kickl announced at a news conference on Tuesday with an appropriate proposal. In particular, domestic investors should be given the right of first refusal in the event of a threat to sell.

    “There is a wave of bankruptcy in this country,” Kickle justified the plenary proposal for freedom. His fear: In the end, Austrian travel companies could be bought off by international hedge funds or even be “in the hands of the Chinese”. At least investors from EU countries should be given priority.

  • Today, 11:27

    Upper Austria: Some teachers refuse mouth and nose protection

    A handful of teachers in Upper Austria vehemently refuse to wear a mask in class, the case of a pedagogue in the district of Freistadt is currently being investigated, the Directorate of Education confirmed the report in the “Oberosterreichische Volksblatt” (Tuesday’s edition). Because not wearing a mask means violating duty.

    However, only in exceptional cases are there problems with disobedient educators. In early February, the principal of a primary school in the district of Grieskirchen was suspended, and that teacher in the district of Freistadt is facing disciplinary action.

  • Today, 10:51

    Testing is no longer mandatory for all truck drivers in the English Channel

    For many truck drivers crossing the English Channel from the UK to France, there is no longer a mandatory corona test. The relaxation takes effect if the drivers have previously been in the UK for less than 48 hours, as the French Ministry of the Interior confirmed to the dpa agency on Tuesday. The British Ministry of Transport previously announced that the test will remain in force if you continue to travel to Germany, Denmark or the Netherlands.

  • Today, 11:11

    The prospect of locking is causing a travel boom in the UK

    Boris Johnson’s plan to open the UK, outside the corona blockade, allows the British to storm travel agencies. Low-cost airline Easiet said on Tuesday that flight bookings had tripled from the previous week. The airline also counted more than six times more travel reservations. Destinations in Spain such as Malaga, Alicante and Palma, Faro in Portugal and destinations in Greece such as the island of Crete were sought.
    The world’s largest tour operator, TUI, also recorded an increase in overnight stays by 500 percent overnight.

  • Today, 11:01

    Richard Lugner receives his first vaccination against corona

    At the municipal district office in the 22nd district, the builder was injected with a vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer. “I barely felt the puncture and I was well guarded,” Lugner told KURIER.

  • Today, 10:48

    The University of Salzburg will start researching children and young people

    Children and adolescents are particularly stressed due to the limitations associated with the crown in everyday life; psychological abnormalities increase in this age group. With “Speak Now”, the University of Salzburg wants to directly ask those affected how they stand with the situation in the Crown. According to study leader Manuel Schabus, initial feedback shows that some of them are very scared, miss school and friends, move less and spend a lot of time in front of their mobile phones.

    Especially the youngest would be slowed down by the effects of the pandemic and inhibited in their development, emphasizes Sabus. At the same time, the opinions, moods and feelings of this group are not given enough attention in the public debate. “These voices must finally be heard,” he appealed to the APA.

    Advice: On Sunday, Schabus was also in ORF-Discussion program “In the center” as a guest.

  • Today, 10:46

    Germany and France want to avoid new border controls

    The federal and state governments in Germany, as well as the French government, will discuss on Tuesday how border controls or the closure of border crossings at the common border can be prevented. French European Minister Clement Beaune commented on a video conference on Tuesday morning. The prime ministers of Saarland and the Rhine-Palatinate, Tobias Hans (CDU) and Mala Dreier (SPD), said they wanted to prevent border controls such as the Czech Republic and Tyrol.

    The background to the debate is the discovery of a variant of the virus found in South Africa in the French region of Moselle near the border and concerns about its spread to Germany.

  • Today, 10:45

    74 children and eight caregivers in quarantine in Carinthia

    74 children and eight kindergarten supervisors in the Frauenstein community (St. Veit an der Glan district) have been in quarantine since Monday afternoon. Gerd Kurath, a spokesman for the state press service, confirmed the corresponding online report “Kleine Zeitung” on Tuesday. One of the caregivers and one child had positive antigen tests.

    Since certain groups of kindergartens were mixed, the children were prophylactically separated. Cases are currently being checked using PCR tests.

  • Today, 10:36

    140 new infections and another death in Carinthia

    In Carinthia, 140 new coronavirus infections were recorded from Monday to Tuesday. According to the state press service, another person died from Covid-19 or with it, the number of corona deaths rose to 670. With 85 people, three patients with more corona than on Monday had to be hospitalized, nine patients were in intensive care care unit. The seven – day incidence has been 149 since Tuesday morning.

  • Today, 06:36

    Afghanistan launches anti-crown immunization campaign

    In the shadow of the increase in violence in the country, Afghanistan launched a vaccination campaign against the new coronavirus on Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands need to be vaccinated in the first phase, including doctors, security forces and journalists, as announced by President Ashraf Ghani. “This is a great opportunity for the people of Afghanistan. India donated 500,000 doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine to the government in Kabul earlier this month.

    Officially, Afghanistan recorded only 55,600 corona infections and about 2,430 deaths. However, a large number of unreported cases are suspected, as the country has limited test capacity and suffers from a diseased health system.

  • Today, 09:35

    1,727 new infections in Austria

    They are finished again from Monday to Tuesday 1,727 new infections registered. Added to that 37 died Within 24 hours.

  • Today, 09:23

    German travel ban for Obwekers contrary to EU

    European law expert Walter Obwecker from the University of Innsbruck believes that the travel ban imposed by Germany on private travelers from Tyrol via the Small and Large German Corners is contrary to the EU. “The ban on entry is undoubtedly disproportionate when it comes to mere passage,” Obwecker told the Tiroler Tageszeitung (Tuesday’s edition).

    “In these cases, people passing through Tyrol do not pose a health risk in Germany because they are only allowed to pass, but they are not allowed to stay in Germany,” Obwecker continues.

  • Today, 09:21

    Three deaths in Burgenland and 57 new infections

    Three deaths and 57 new coronary infections were recorded in Gradišće. At the moment, there are 50 sick people in the hospitals in Gradišće, nine of whom are in intensive care, the coordination team for Coronavirus announced on Tuesday. Covid-19 vaccination was given to 9,705 people, of whom 5,951 received the second dose. 105,342 people have registered for this.

    A 84-year-old man from Jennersdorf district, a 64-year-old man from Gussing district and a 33-year-old man from Mattersburg district died in connection with COVID-19. The death toll is 237.

  • Today, 08:51

    483 new infections in Lower Austria

    In Lower Austria, 483 new coronavirus infections were recorded on Tuesday. The number of deaths related to Covid-19 diseases increased by eight to 1,309, according to information from the office of the state health adviser Ulrike Konigsberger-Ludwig (SPO). There were 10,297 contacts in quarantine, 951 more than on Monday.

  • Today, 08:36

    Anna Netrebko considers masked samples a “crime” against health

    Opera star Anna Netrebko, who herself survived a coronary infection, is defending herself on Instagram from security requirements for opera rehearsals. It is also necessary for singers to practice with a mask. However, Netrebko sees this as “a crime against health, voice, lungs and heart,” Netrebko wrote. They “rebel and refuse to wash the opera in a mask.”

  • Today, 08:21

    1. The case of the mutation of Brazil in Austria?

    After the excitement over the cases of the South African mutation in Tyrol, there is now another reason for concern. Like Krone It was reported that the Brazilian mutation could have already reached Salzburg. That would make Salzburg the first federal state in Austria with the case of the Brazilian variant of the virus.

    Similar to the South African variant, the Brazilian variant is considered extremely contagious. It is also believed that the Brazilian mutation is more resistant to antibodies. It is possible for people to become infected again after surviving Covid disease. Right now loud Krone further investigations have been conducted as a clear result is not yet available. The final result of the analysis should bring clarity in the next few days.

  • Today, 08:02

    The doctor’s order for tests on COVID-19 fell

    Graduated health and nursing staff, as well as carers, should now be able to test and issue certificates without a medical order. Caregivers can do that by order and under instructions, the Austrian Health Care Association (OGKV) announced in the show. The existing law on the epidemic was amended today with an order on changes in the health board.

  • Today, 07:43

    3,883 new infections in Germany

    Health authorities in Germany reported 3,883 new coronary infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within one day. In addition, 415 additional deaths were reported within 24 hours. These come from RKI data on Tuesday. Exactly one week ago, RKI recorded 3,856 new infections and 528 new deaths within one day.

    According to the CRR, the number of new infections reported within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants (seven-day incidence) was 60.5 on Tuesday morning – and therefore slightly lower than the previous day (61.0). Four weeks ago, on January 26, the incidence was 107.6.

  • Today, 07:31

    More rights with corona vaccination? Seam that divides

    Legally, the point is clear: vaccinated people who cannot infect others with the crown can no longer be imprisoned. So, is there a “free vaccination” and a two-class society is coming soon?

    KURIER answers the most important questions:

  • Today, 07:30

    Homeschooling is also a matter for the Constitutional Court

    Do you have to wear a mask in school buildings in the spring? Unconstitutional. Prohibition of entering public spaces during the first wave of the corona? Unconstitutional.

    Since April 2020, the Constitutional Court has received about 200 complaints against (protective) measures taken in response to a pandemic. About 130 have already been resolved, not always in the interest of so many disgraced lawyers in the Ministry of Health.

    From Tuesday, VfGH will meet at a new session. On the agenda:

    Cases in Link to entry ban for sports and entertainment facilities,, Distance learning,, Providing information to the health authority in cases of suspicion of a crown and the right to a flat-rate compensation for “extended” extraordinary work for the common good.

    Details of individual cases can be read here:

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