Friday , September 17 2021

The trainers caught 1.5 billion Pokemon

The Pokemon GO Fest it’s over, but thanks Niantic we have to share some impressive statistics. The annual event, which was held in 130 different countries this year and included personal events in 20 different cities 1.5 billion Pokemon were less free in the wild. Because so many Pokemon were caught last weekend.

Along with 1.5 billion captured Pokemon, the trainers also turned 900 million PokeStops and covered 125 million kilometers. The trainers fought in 23 million raid battles after the first concert gave birth to Meloetta and Hoop on the second day, who decided it would be a great time to perform millions of legendary Pokemon for trainers in raid battles.

Niantic even has it We are a Raid-Event together live streaming, which included a series of giant eggs showing what Legendary is currently available in raids. They also served as huge gyms where everyone attended personal events Pokemon GO Fests participated, could participate.


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The Pokemon GO Fest it may be over, but celebrating the 25th anniversary Pokemon it’s not over yet. After all, two new games for Nintendo Switch will appear in the next few months.

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