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The VienTourismus campaign hides Klimt's "kiss" behind the hashtag | PID press


Vienna (OTS / RK) Take fewer photos, experience more: Three days of big red hashtag covers one of the most famous paintings in the country – "Kiss" Gustav Klimt in Belvedere. The campaign is part of the current VienTourismus campaign in Germany and the UK, which calls for a pleasant trip away from self-employment inflation and in this way launches a global trend towards "digital detoxification".

Place yourself in front of a world-famous kiss, take a photo, check the photo, make another snap, filter it over it, cut it on: share! Everyone who looks at the world today wants to see the world. In pursuit of a perfect shot and accompanying love, many tourists forget their surroundings. Instead of enjoying a special moment, the lens lasts until the photo story is perfect, but the food is cold. Does this look like an ideal holiday experience in 2018? Naming, VienTourism covers the world phenomenon in its current campaign and propagates "digital detox" – digital detoxification. "Vienna offers metropolitan metropolitan metropolitan metropolitan stress factors, which sets us apart from our competitors, so we actively encourage our audience to regain their awareness of the moments and attractions, to enjoy all their senses – to continue to use Selfies & Co, but it's often and confidently, "explains tourism director Norbert Kettner. To see you, our campaign should not be an indication and certainly not a statement against social media. In tourism marketing, we use it intensively for our messages, even as part of this campaign. Instead, with a dose of humor, we emphasize access to Vienna's digitization, in which we continue to focus on people, their experiences and moments of enjoying the destination. "

Vienna lake. No # Vienna: Enjoy the city behind your pictures!

By the end of November, the public in Hamburg, Berlin and London will be addressed within the 360-degree campaign in the public space and, of course, in social media. Shows travelers who are more concerned about their smartphone than actual attraction. Background items are classic attractions in Vienna, but the bizarre situation of the photo is set in the picture. A large hashtag in the middle of the image also blurs the view and stands in the pars prototype for lost freedom in order to enjoy the rest in all its aspects unlimited. The message is: "See Vienna – not # Vienna. Enjoy the city behind your photos!". In Germany, it can be seen in about 700 cities of Light, on posters in the London metro and at large intervals at Vaterloo and Liverpool stations and on the cover of the monthly magazine "Balance". The target group is available online on Instagram, Facebook and banner advertising. At http: //, the message of Vienna is deepened.

Provocative: Klimt's kiss in Upper Belvedere covered #

The stunning part of the campaign is the cooperation between Belvedere and VienTourismus: Those who visit Klimt's "Kuss" from 6 to 8 November in Upper Belvedere will receive a reply during these three days, which will be set up with a large red hashtag. The disappointment of the public that they could not see the world-famous images was pre-built:
The original work can be seen only in one room – employees at the Tourist Board in Vienna ensure that no one misses a real "kiss". "We participate in this campaign because we, as a museum, are just in the field of tension between digital communication and art enjoyment. We have been able to take pictures in our lounges and are satisfied with the contributions of social media, but at the same time it is important for our visitors to experience artworks peacefully. Balance here is a daily challenge, "says Stella Rollig, General Manager of Belvedere.

The impact of digital "withdrawal" in Vienna

Taking smaller pictures, experiencing more – this was a motorcycle visit to Vienna by influential Uwe Scholz from Germany
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Travel "Claire and Laura from Great Britain
(Https: // They spent it
Tourism in Vienna invites every three days in Vienna not to do what they usually do: document each step of their journey and share it with hashtag. Equipped with an analog instant camera, they photographed many times less during their trip to Vienna, but they could experience innumerable moments of conscious and stress free. In retrospect, they say their fans of the analogue Vienna impression.

Instant camera action in tourist information

Already upon arrival at the Vienna International Airport, passengers are greeted on the screens of the collection of luggage: "Welcome to Vienna, No # Vienna". On the Tourist Info at Albertinaplatz, you can borrow free instant cameras in November and give your mobile breaks. With only ten possible recordings, it is enough time to enjoy in Vienna completely.

http: //

Download high-resolution campaign images with Klimt's "Kuss", campaign themes (German, English), and campaigns in the public space at:

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A moving image of raw materials for action with Klimt's kiss, we provide satisfaction with pleasure.

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