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The winter week begins with the first snowfall "


The upcoming time of the week begins in wintertime with some snowfall and modest temperatures in the single-pass plus. On Monday, a phenomenal hair dryer ensures not only sky friendship in the sky, but also more degrees on the thermometer, as predicted by the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) on Sunday.

16:08, November 18, 2018


On Monday, the sky turns gray and sometimes a snowfall is expected, below 200 to 400 meters above sea level, especially in the west partly to blindness or rain. In the afternoon, snowfall is still possible along the Alps and in the southeast, depending on the exact location of the low pressure area. On the other hand, north of the Alps, precipitation is increasingly decreasing, and in the northwest, clouds can be reduced. The wind falls to a moderate, at the foot of the mountain, from the afternoon, partially lively, from the northwest to the east. Wound temperatures are minus five to plus two degrees, afternoon temperatures between minus two and plus five degrees.

In the west and on the northern side of the Alps, on Tuesday it is mostly dry, and especially from noon, the sun sometimes appears. The rest of Austria is dominated by clouds and at least temporarily snow has to be planned. In the afternoon, snow is more often found in layers below 300 to 600 meters above sea level in the slope or rain. Also, Asfinag pointed to a show on snow and snow on Tuesday and expects winter driving conditions at Sudautobahn (A2) in Styria and Carinthia, as well as in the area of ​​change and on the highway (A21). The wind blows or moderately strikes along the northern side of the Alps, and lively north of the north to the southeast. Low temperatures minus six to plus two degrees, daily altitudes from 0 to 8 degrees.

In the east and southeast, the sun on Wednesday has no chance to dominate over an extremely dense and compact cloud. It must still be expected with a little rain and over 400 to 600 meters above sea level, also with snowfall. Just in the afternoon, precipitation almost disappears almost everywhere. In other places, it is mostly dry, with the sun dominating in the west, but in the south it often loses its clouds. Moderate wind falls in the western Danube, otherwise it is just a little windy. The wound temperatures vary from minus five to plus three degrees, daily height from two to eight degrees.

On Thursday, in the north, east and south-east, and in the south, dense clouds remain quite persistent, and in southern Styria, especially in the eastern lowlands, rain can still be reached. In other regions, on the other hand, the sun often prevails. Only in the Bodensee area can a large fog remain. The wind falls to the moderate from the east to the south. Early temperatures between minus seven degrees in some inland Alpine valleys and plus three degrees, daily maximum temperatures between three and nine degrees.

In the western parts of the country, there are several sunny parts on Friday, although all thick clouds are included on the southern side of the Alps in the afternoon. In the north of the main alpine ridge, on the other hand, light drying ensures that it is mostly friendly. On the other hand, a cloud covered with clouds like fog often lasts a long way towards the east and southeast so that only a couple of sun rays emerge. It stays dry. At Alpenrenand, a little more wind falls sometimes from southeast to south, otherwise there is a weak wind, except for classic drum moves. In the morning, the temperatures are minus five to four degrees, during the day, they reach three degrees in permanently covered areas up to twelve degrees in Fohnregionen.

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