Friday , August 12 2022

& # 39; Phagun Havaaie & # 39; in iFleki || Zona kulture || Janakantha


Staff Reporter In the context of the language movement, the first feature film of Bangladesh's "Phagun Havaai" It was published in February. A special film show was held on February 15 at the Bangaban court. President Abdul Hamid praised the film. After the publication of the theater, the film, created in the context of 1952, received praise from critics, critics and intellectuals. The 116th film, produced by Impress Telefilm Limited, is still working on many cinemas in the country and abroad. But the most amazing news is that this film, directed by the famous director Toukir Ahmed, was seen on Friday from the online platform, Iphone. On that occasion, a press conference was held and the signing of contracts on Channel I. Presented were Impress Telefilm Limited and Channel-Ai MD Faridur Reza Sagar, Director of Shake Siraj and Film Producer Phagun Havaia & # 39; Taukir Ahmed. Executive Vice President Airtel Mahbubul Alam Bhuiian and IFLS Countri Manager Imrul Karim were present at the signing of an agreement for the IIFL. Abu Shhed Imon, consultant (film) and film director Impress Telefilm, Tisa and Siam, and film director Phagun Havaia & # 39; were present at that time. Impress Telefilm Limited at a press conference on the release of the movie "Phagun Havaia" on the online streaming platform, IFFI, for the month of publication, "Impress has always made films about the importance of a local context. The most important films about the Liberation War are produced by Impress Telefilm Productions. But the lack of a complete motion picture language was long, the lack of 'Phagun Havai' – That's a little shortage. Therefore, after the announcement, several initiatives have been undertaken to spread the benefits of "Phagun Havaai" created in the context of the language movement for more people. As a young generation outside of the country and the country can watch a little movie, the background of language movements can be somewhat obvious. Tito Rahman is inspired by the story of 'Bau Keh Kao', 'Phagun Havaai'. The film, which was released on February 15, was released on time. After the release of the film, the film is now being played in various cities of the USA, Canada and Australia. In addition to the film Siam-Tish in the central role of the film, actor Bollivood Iashpal Sharma, Shahidul Alam Sachchu, Abul Haiat, Afroza Ban, Faruk Hossain, Saju Khadem, Azad Bridge, Hasan Ahmed, Nusrat Jerry and others acted in the film.

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