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Afghanistan wins on the first test match

Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan best showed his dream of winning the team. Photo: Collected

Two steps ahead of Bangladesh on the T20 rank list are Afghanistan. However, the number of new Afghans could not be held in the ranking test yet. The second match played a debut test against India in June last year. Afghans, who began to win India, look forward to winning against Iraq.

If Miracald does not happen, if he gets another 118 on Monday, a war-torn country, Afghanistan will be able to win a historic test. In 2000, playing a game to get the honor to play test cricket, 35 games will be played. Five years after the Tigers got the test, Afghanistan won the test status at the expense of eight months.

Ireland won 172 points in the first test round in Dehradun, India. In response, Afghanistan scored 314 strikes. Rahmat Shah scored 98 points for the team. Captain Asghar Afgan achieved 67 runs

In the second change, the Irish retreated to 142 runs. Andi Balbirani and Kevin O'Brien can achieve 288 runs in FIFA. Balbirini scored a maximum of 82 runs for the team. 56 escaped by O'Brien Nose spinner Rashid Khan was the first half-star who took 5 wickets in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, after losing 147 for one, lost one pass to 29 runs on the third day of Sunday. Afghans need 118 runs to win the fourth day on Monday. It has 9 gloves in hand.

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