Wednesday , March 22 2023

Ajai won the Best Actor Award in China


Bollywood actor Ajai Devgan won the award for the best actor in China. Photo: Collected

Ajai Devgan won the Best Actor Award for the 27th Film Festival in China Golden Roster and Hundred Fellows. He won this award for his performance at "Raid".

The four-day film festival was completed in China's Foshan on Saturday, through the distribution of the prize. Winners of the prize were selected at the voter's vote.

The Chinese Film Association (CFA) organizes this festival together with the Film Society of India and China (ICFS), annually.

ICFS founder Kishore Javed said: "Raid is a special image for us. From the very beginning, our confidence in this kind of film."

Bhushan Kumar, chairman of T-series and producer Raid, said: "It's a great victory for Ajai Devgn, because of his powerful acting skills, he added a new pen to his crown at Golden Roster and a hundred years ago Fellows Flover Festival -a ".

"Raid" is based on a true story. In 1980, income tax was launched in Uttar Pradesh, India. She filmed a film based on the incident.

Kumar Mangat Pathak, chairman and producer of Panorama of the studio, said: "We are proud that we are connected with Raid, received great gratitude in the international arena. As a producer, he gives us the confidence and courage to make these pictures more." Source: Wednesday

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