Friday , August 12 2022

B Chovdhuri, a letter to Mannan CEC


President. President of the United Front and Alternative President of Bangladesh, former AKM President Badruddos Chovdhuri, wrote a letter to discuss the upcoming eleven national elections with Abdul Hamid. In addition, General Secretary of the Bangladeshi Mother (Retd) Abdul Mannan also wrote a letter to the Chief Commisster (CEC) to discuss the time with him.

B's letter to Chovdhuri president in Bangabhab on Tuesday (November 6th) and later to CEC, Major Mann's letter was delivered to the CEC. Organizational Secretary Barristar Omar Farukue handed the letter to the CEC. AKM Badruddoza Chovdhuri's Press Secretary Jahangir Alam confirmed this issue.

In a letter to the President, Mr Chovdhuri said that United Front leaders are interested in discussing some important issues with you (the President). Electoral Commission (EC), the general election director, according to the Constitution. At the time of the election, the Election Commission is entirely under the authority of the President. As a result, you want to discuss the power and responsibilities of the Election Select Committee.

KM Badruddoza Chovdhuri has asked the president to schedule negotiations by November 7, while informing him of the weather.

On the other hand, in a letter given by Abdul Mannan, the CEC requested time to discuss the matter on November 9th.


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