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Barcelona in the Copa del Rei final

Sports table: Say el clasco Emotion, excitement, anxiety will stay. In the past everything was on Santiago Bernabeu. But Real Madrid did not find it that day. The team failed to catch the ball more than once. Barcelona did not say that. In the second half, however, in the second half, Levis Suarez beat Bernabeu Club 3-0 and the Copa del Rey final in the final.
Last season he played in the first round of the NU camp, Real-Barca scored 1-1. However, in return, Valverdas' Arsenes opponents secure a final 4-1 lead in front of the opponent's field. For the fifth consecutive title, the Catalans will be ahead of each in Valencia or Real Betti. The finals will be held on May 25th.
Suarez was not enough for a long time. However, a few days ago, Lionel Messi saw the net against Sevilla in La Liga, while Uruguay Day earlier, Suarez returned with the classic El Clasco game. Two goals in the second half He could write another ball in his name. But before that, the suicide goal of Raphael Bhartane
Barcelona was in the lead in the first half, but the goal was not seen. On the other hand, Real Madrid could not catch visitors. But in the second half he returned to Catalan. And so, in the 50th minute, from the increased visit to Demand, Suarez was caught in the ball. After Barcelona took the ball, Real Madrid's attack threatened the defense of Barcelona. Tare Stagenn saved a good save. Barca scored more goals (14) Real Madrid. Although most of these recordings were mixed, Beepth Earlier, in the 69th minute, Indian self-destruction in the second half was lost in the score of 2-0. Real players were desperately trying to make mistakes. So, in 73 minutes, Suarez was caught by fossil Casemero in the debut. Barcelona immediately gets punished Suarez scored his second and third goal at that time. At the end of his career, Copa del Rei appeared as the first team to win the title with a big win. Now a team of NU camps is looking forward to choosing a trophy.

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