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Cricket promotion film!


Innovations appear in movie theater promotion with watch time Now you can see in the films of this country that many exceptions are taken to attract audiences before release. A few days ago, his team, taking a lot of interesting steps to promote the "Devi," a well-publicized movie.

Producer of Jazz Multimedia and KIKC Productions organize a cricket match for the campaign. A cricket match was organized with artists and craftsmen of their productions "Dhan" and "Mr. Bangladesh". The match will be held on November 13th.

In the name of Jazz Multimedia, it was said that the game "Dahan" will be held against "Mr. Bangladesh." The field was discussed with the Mirpur Indoor stadium. But that's not the end of it yet. Fields can be changed. But surely the cricket will be held.

In the meantime, producer of the film "Mr. Bangladesh", Khizir Haiat Khan, said that such an initiative was not previously visible for the promotion of the film. We want our film appeal to reach the maximum number of viewers. We hope that we can achieve this goal.

& # 39; Dhan & # 39; against Mr Bangladesh & # 39; The cricket match will be held in the 10-10 overall game. Everyone associated with the film, including heroic and heroic, will be present at this event.

Keep in mind that "Dhan" was directed by Raihan Rafi. Siam Ahmed and Pooja Cherie joined together. There are also Mama Zaki Bari, Shimul Khan and others. Produced by Jazz Multimedia.

On the other hand, Mr. Bangladesh was led by Abu Akterul Iman. Khajir Haiat Khan, director of the movie "Jago" with the acting in the film. There are also goddess Shanu, Solaiman Sukhn and Shamim Hasan Sarker. Hizir Haiat Khan also produced the film.

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