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Fakhrul is BNP President Bogra, Bogabitanda


At one point, the Secretary General of the BNP said that Saiful Islam was a collar of the jacket. Photo: Collected

Secretary General of the BNP and MP Bogra-6 (Sadar), MP Mirza Fakhrul Islam, is confused with President Bogra in the district of BNP Saiful Islam. At one point in time, Secretary General of the BNP, Saiful Islam, held a jacket collar. This incident took place on Wednesday at 1:00 am in a five-star hotel in the Thingamara suburb.

Although the statement of the Secretary-General of the BNP was not received, the district secretary of District BNP Joinal Abedin Chan acknowledged that speech and said: "The president of the district of BNP did not receive the caller. This is nothing.
According to BNP sources, party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir will go to Thakurgaon in Dhaka via. That is why he expressed his desire to resign from Bogra leaders Bogra. In addition, he did not want to come to Bogra after the election and wanted to exchange views with activists. The leaders of Bogra said that they should take action in this way. The President of the BNP, the Secretary General and other leaders discussed the issue.

An intimate source of the party said, the exchange of views of BNP district advisor. A four-star hotel will sing at Naj Gardens. But due to various problems there was no need for tourism, but it was there. After the five-star hotel, the Mm hotel in. The meeting was held on Wednesday at 12 noon, party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

According to party leaders and witnesses, the meeting was held on noon afternoon, the president of the District BNP Saiful Islam and adviser Khaled Zie, the city mayor of Addi Municipality. AKO Mahbubur Rahman, Secretary General of District BNP Joynal Abedin Chan, and some leaders have left the seventh floor of the hotel in the elevator.

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The local leader of the BNP, Saiful Islam, said: "Why did not they tell me before this meeting? When the debate began, Secretary General Saiful said:" Here are the people in the press, why are you doing this? "At that time, the secretariat turned on a discussion with Secretary General Saiful. Other leaders then brought the matter under control.

In this regard, Secretary General of the BNP Joinal Abedin Chan said the Secretary General did not hold Saiful's collar. But he also joined in the conversation with us. The question is nothing. The president of District BNP Saiful Islam was contacted, but could not be found on his mobile phone.

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