Monday , March 8 2021

I am happy to have the opportunity to play the role of Tajuddin Ahmed: Riaz

The filming of “Bangabandhu” directed by Shiam Benegal is taking place in Mumbai. In the film, Riaz plays the role of Tajuddin Ahmed, the first prime minister of Bangladesh and one of the leaders of the fight for freedom. In the meantime, he went to Mumbai and participated in the shooting for the first series.

He recently returned to the country after filming his part. He spoke about the acting experience in this film of The Big Bagget, which will be based on the biography of Bangabandhu by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation, the architect of Bangladesh.

Nowadays, whenever someone does a new job, he likes to report it on social networks with pictures or status. And in an important film like “Bangabandhu”, he played the role of a legend like Tajuddin Ahmed, nothing is known. Why this silence or privacy? Hearing the question, Riaz smiled sweetly at the other side of the phone. He said, ‘I’ve always been that way. Silence. What’s new? Great job has arrived. I did it with joy. It was an attempt to improve the business. ‘

What is the experience of playing the role of Tajuddin Ahmed? First of all, the film “Bangabandhu” is a matter of joy for the people in our country. Also very important. India and Bangladesh are making a film together in an international sense. The film will be shown in different languages ​​at home and abroad. It is my pleasure to be a part of such a film. And the joy of working in the role of the legendary Tajuddin Ahmed, the famous “Bengali Thai”, is even different and more dignified. “

‘It’s a historical figure. I’ve been preparing ever since they told me I was chosen for this character. I had to study. I had to add various materials. I settled down and went to Mumbai. It was a great experience at work, “Riaz added.

Ferdous was initially elected Tajuddin Ahmed. Asked why he was not in the role, Riaz said: “Actually, I have no right to say that. I was on the list for another character in this movie. But later I was told that the character of Mr. Tajuddin must be performed. I prepared and did the shooting. The next part will have to go to Mumbai again. Then the shooting will be in Bangladesh. I can’t say more than that. ‘

By the way, the shooting of the first part of the film started on January 25 this year in Mumbai, India. The film “Bangabandhu” will be released in Bangladesh and India this year after all the works are continuously completed.


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