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"I prayed that the bullets disappear"


Many people lost relatives, friends and acquaintances in a terrible terrorist attack in the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand. Many people saw a brutal massacre.

An eyewitness who survived an interview from the local media TVNZ said the attacker fired at the al-Nur mosque for more than 15 minutes. Because of panic in the word of weapons, pilgrims were wandering to save lives. I saw one of the attackers who shot at the chest.

He said that I waited for the bullet to finish, in fact I waited and prayed. I spoke, God, we're running away from the bullets of this man.

The witness also said that attackers in the mosque initially attacked the mosque. Then she went to the woman's room and started firing.

The key, except for the shoe, leads to saving lives: eyewitnesses of Bangladesh

Afsana Actor Rita was in the mosque when the attack on the Al Nur Mosque was in the mosque. Afsan's house in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. A year ago, he was married to Bangladesh emigrants from New Zealand. Nine months ago, he left the country to New Zealand. Their home from the Al Nur Mosque is only one minute away. From the mosque, Afsana had to go there every day to pray there.

Afsana Aktar Rita said in an interview with BBC Bangla that we are in the mosque. Suddenly I got the word. When I heard the sound, I came out and walked out. Those who fired did not come to the first woman's room, they first went to the men's room. We had three Bangladesh together. The three of them were running together. When we heard the sound of the shot, we ran towards the house. But we kept the key of the house and shoes in the mosque. I escaped to save my lives. The three of them were together, one of them fired. Later, he was taken to an infirmary and taken to the hospital.

Afsana said she did not see the person who shot her. He said we did not look out for fear. After this incident, Afsana is now astonished.

Description of the witness Mohan Ibrahim

During the attack, Mohan Ibrahim of Bangladesh was in the mosque and he managed to escape. He told the BBC that there were many people in the mosque with whom I regularly met, and many of them are no longer there. I can not fully accept this fact.

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Mohan Ibrahim, who went to New Zealand five years ago as a student. He said, maybe I never thought I could. I live here for five years, so I know that New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. What I saw today, I never thought I'd ever see anything like that.

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