Wednesday , July 6 2022

In "Hannamun Moody" in Italy "Mirabaji" heroin Nabila


& Mirabaji & # 39; Heroin Nabila

& Mirza & # 39; is married to longtime boyfriend Zubaidul Hakue Rome Masum Rahman Nabila. In April of this year, the official ceremony was concluded at the Mohahalya Convention Center, the capital of Dhaka.

After marriage, it's an unwritten style of going to a honeymoon. After the ceremony, after the marriage of Nabile and Rome, he went to the saloon. Although this question did not tell the Nabili media, Instagram said that Nabila-Rome is now strong in Hanimuni Mudai.

Social media say Zubaidul Hakue Rome and Nabila traveled to Europe. Together, there will be some countries in Europe. Started by "Roman Holidai". Nabila and Rome recently flew from Italy to Italy. This couple is now visiting Italian historical sites. Pictures of happy moments of publication

At the moment before flying from Daka, Nabilla wrote in her Instagram lunch, "Euro Tour Begins Roman Holiday".

& Mirabaji & # 39; Heroin Nabila

Nabila has already visited the historical Colosseum in Italy, visited the Basilica of St. Peter, Spanish Steps, in the Vatican. They're still nearby

After marriage, Nabila went to Manchester, England, with her husband. But it was not a honeymoon. Nabila went to her husband's office to follow him. During the honeymoon, he said he would be pulled out at that time. Shortly thereafter it came out.

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